Iowa Darter’s Nomination For State Fish Clears First House Hurdle

Des Moines, Iowa — The idea of naming the tiny Iowa Darter as the official state fish has sailed through a House subcommittee. Representative Elinor Levin of Iowa City says it’s a great way to raise awareness about the only fish that has “Iowa” in its name.

Representative Shannon Latham of Sheffield agrees.

Every state that surrounds Iowa has a state fish. The walleye is the state fish of both Minnesota and South Dakota. Wisconsin’s state fish is the musky. The bluegill was named the state fish of Illinois in 1986. And, in 1997, the channel catfish became the state fish of both Nebraska and Missouri. The bill to name the Iowa Darter the state fish was introduced by area legislator John Wills of Spirit Lake. The idea came from one of his constituents.


Red Cross Continues Work in NW Iowa

Northwest Iowa — Three weeks out from devastating floods in northwest Iowa, and recovery continues.  Three weeks out from devastating floods