Lakes Area Official Is Pleading For People To Keep Vehicles Off The Ice

Spirit Lake, Iowa — Yes, we had some great ice-making weather last week. But now we’ve had several days of temperatures either side of the thawing mark. And after some research, officials are concerned about the condition of the ice on the Iowa Great Lakes during this upcoming weekend’s Okoboji Winter Games.

Another call is going out for everyone to keep vehicles, especially cars and trucks, off the ice this Winter Games Weekend. Arnolds Park-Okoboji Fire Chief Chris Yungbluth.

Yungbluth says some adjustments have been made to make it easier for people to walk to the events that are on the lake.

Yungbluth adds Arnolds Park-Okoboji Fire and Rescue will be fully staffed this weekend and will be on standby to respond to any emergency and medical calls this weekend.

***UPDATE: A post on Parks Marina’s Facebook page states that the 2024 Ice Oval Shootout has been cancelled. The post goes on to say that all of their other events will continue as scheduled.



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