Miedema Chiropractic Open And Serving Patients

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon doctor of chiropractic is open and serving patients again.

According to the Iowa Capital Dispatch, on April 10, the Iowa Board of Chiropractic issued an order, pursuant to an agreement with chiropractor Todd Miedema of Sheldon. The order required that Miedema temporarily halt his practice of chiropractic care.

Miedema tells us that a patient had had a billing issue with Miedema’s practice and had contacted the state. He says while the state was doing their investigation, they told him to suspend his practice.

According to Miedema, the board sent him a notice, dated May 17th, 2024, that he could resume his practice, so his clinic is open once again and has been seeing patients as usual since that time.

Miedema’s chiropractic clinic is located at 415 9th Street in Sheldon, next door to KIWA Radio.