Uhl Says It’s Not Time For Sheldon Folks To Turn Down Their Water Softeners Just Yet

Sheldon, Iowa — We received word this week that the Sheldon City Water System is now connected to the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System — a move that has been decades in the making.

We had a chance to talk to Sheldon Public Works Director Todd Uhl, who gives us his feelings on the matter.

Uhl says citizens of Sheldon and the Sheldon community will soon reap the benefits.

Uhl tells us that sometime after the first of the year, he’ll be telling Sheldon water users what to do with their water softeners, and when. But that time has not come yet. Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker says there are millions of gallons of the harder water in the system and it will take time for that to run through the system. He says the switch to chloramination (affecting dialysis patients and fish owners) has already occurred.

Uhl says there will be other benefits as well.

While all Minnesota systems are connected, Madison, South Dakota doesn’t have its main line to Lewis & Clark finished yet, and Sibley will be the final community to receive water — hopefully in 2025.


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