What You Need To Know About The Iowa Caucuses

Statewide Iowa — Iowa is in the presidential campaign spotlight today.

You have to be an Iowa resident and a registered Republican voter to participate in the Iowa GOP’s Caucuses. With proper ID – like a driver’s license – you can complete that voter registration at the door. The Caucuses will start at 7 p.m. There will be brief speeches on behalf of each candidate, sometimes from a campaign’s volunteer leader in the precinct, then caucus-goers will cast a paper ballot. An observer from each campaign may watch the counting. The results are announced in the room, then reported to the county chair, who is responsible for submitting the tallies to Iowa GOP headquarters. People may leave after they cast a straw poll ballot, but after the voting’s over Republicans will conduct party business – elect delegates for the county convention, discuss the party platform, and sign nominating petitions so local candidates can qualify for the June Primary ballot.

Iowa Democrats are holding in-person Caucuses tonight at 7 p.m as well to conduct party business. But they are doing the presidential preference poll by mail this year. You can request a presidential preference card anytime before February 19th.

If you don’t know where your Caucus site may be, each party has that information on its website.


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