Fish Are Biting on Area Lakes

DNR logoLake Pahoja

Lake Pahoja is open to promiscuous fishing and a few bluegills and bass are being caught.


Mill Creek (Lake)

Bluegills and bass have been a bit on the slow side but a few are being caught yet.


Big Spirit Lake

There is currently 8-10 inches of ice with ATV’s and snowmobiles driving most areas on the lake.  Yellow Perch – Slow: Try a spoon or small jig tipped with wigglers, wax worms, or minnows for perch. Walleye – Slow: Early morning and late afternoon seems to be the best time to fish for walleye. Try a jigging spoon or jigging rap with a dead stick nearby.


Center Lake

The aerator is now on at Center Lake and there is 6-9 inches of ice.


Silver Lake (Dickinson)

Silver Lake currently has 9-11 inches of ice and the aerator is running on the east side of the lake.


West Okoboji Lake

There is currently 5-7 inches of ice and ATV’s are driving on much of the lake. Be aware there are goose holes in a few areas; avoid discolored ice and when in doubt turn back or test the ice with a spud.  Northern Pike – Fair: Setting tip ups with chubs on weed lines or over standing weeds should produce pike.  Bluegill – Fair: Look for bluegills in the bays (Emerson and Millers seem to be the best) in or near standing weeds. Sight fishing has been the most popular method but a few choose to hole hop.  Try small jigs tipped with wax worms or wigglers but don’t overlook some of the finesse plastics.  Yellow Perch – Fair: Look for perch in 20+ feet of water along drop offs or on mudflats.  Try spoons tipped with live bait such as wigglers, wax worms, or minnow heads.


Alton Roadside Park Pond

A few gills are being caught try using small jigs tipped with live bait.


For more information contact the Spirit Lake Hatchery at 712-336-1840.


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