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We are bring to you the 3rd week of the 2020 season. Some rain this week dampened some golfing plans but warmth is on its way. Thank you to our sponsors that are bringing us to your broadcast: Our very own Sheldon Country Club, Randy Rolfsen teaching pro from Emerald Hills, Matt Nice, also teaching pro from The Ridge in Sioux Center. Adam Coates teaching Pro at the Spencer Country Club, The Station in Hull with many new and used Club Car and Yamaha golf carts at great prices.

Otter Valley Golf and Country Club: They will have Women’s league on Tuesdays at 5 pm and Men Play Wednesday and Thursdays at 3:30 and 5:30 pm., Please check with your course as far as if they are operating as normal. The calendar for June shows the Mike Smith Memorial on the 6th and a 4 person 8” cup best ball on the 7th at Otter valley make a call and get in to these.

The Ridge in Sioux Center: They will have Ladies League play in the afternoon Mondays, Men’s league play Tuesday and Wednesday and Couples will play on Thursdays. The 18 hole travel league plays Wed also. They have been over whelmed with play during these times. Calendar shows The Ridge 4 person scramble is tomorrow, check with them on this one they may still have room.

Spencer Golf and Country Club: League play is Women Tuesdays, Men on Thursdays with 48 – 2 man teams teeing off at 6 pm. Couples play Fridays as it gets to be nicer out. Home of the Northwest Am and Jr open they get a lot of good play at Spencer and have been very busy with open golf play. Tomorrow they will have a 2 person, 27 hole event, handicap is required for this. They pride them selves in Providing fine golf and services to the golfer the 100.00 social membership went over very well last season Deb Jaycox had a very good social year at Spencer CC. Go to for more.

Remsen Country Club: For the week, Leagues will be played with Women on Mondays, Men play Tuesday and Thursdays. This a very fun course to play. Check with Russ at Remsen to see what else is going on, Much more to come for them at Remsen!

Silver Lake C. C. at Lake Park: For the week leagues will be played with Senior women at 8 am, Couples Monday afternoon, Tuesday men play. Each Wednesday evening at 5 pm you can enjoy Taco Night with them. Their now 100.00 membership special was a big hit. Just rent carts. They have a strong schedule each year and work forward to seeing you, Today is a 2 person scramble to play, they still have room in this and much more coming this season. June 6th is the Ryder Cup between Lake Park and Hartley good luck teams.

Emerald Hills at Arnold’s Park: For the week women are on the box on Monday’s, Men play Wednesdays leagues. Randy will again have many Jr Clinics to teach the youth this great game. June 7th is a 2 man best shot on the box for the day and the 12th has the 4-H Foundation of Iowa 4 person tourney.

Sioux Golf in Alton: League play At Sioux Golf goes like this, Women Monday and Tuesday, Men are Wednesday and Thursday. Please check with Dan for what is scheduled at Alton. The Ron DeVries usually takes place about now check with them. You will see more activities for them soon.

Brooks Golf : Leagues are being played all the time during the golf season which really has little effect on them simply cause they are still a 27 hole course under all new lease and management for the next 10 years. They look forward to seeing you at Brooks while you are enjoying the Northwest Iowa Great Lakes. Many events to get into here soon. June 6th is the 8” BIG CUP tourney for them get in and enjoy. Go online @ for all tee times.

Spencer Municipal: Leagues for them as the weather permits go like this : Tuesday 8:30 am is early bird ladies, and gals play again at 5:15 pm. Wednesday is 4 pm Men’s league, with Thursday 8:30 am Senior Men play. The guys will have a 3 pm league Thursday also. Couples will be played on Fridays. June 2nd is the 2 gal triple treat at 8 am, June 7th has the Carl Spackler off the box at 9 am at Spencer Municipal.

Prairie Rose in Brunsville: The leagues will get started this season with Men’s Seniors 9 am and Women at 6 pm on Mondays, Tuesday is best ball league day and Guys have league again on Thursdays. Event calendar is working around the conditions and will be out soon for them at Brunsville.

Okoboji View: On the course for Monday at 4:30 pm and on Tuesday is the 2 man Peoria Steak night play through Sept. Thursday has the Men on the box at 5:30 pm for a 9 hole league they will have a busy calendar this year also. This is a wonderful course to enjoy while at the Iowa Great Lakes with Pub 19 always ready with great foods . Go to the web at

Marcus Community Golf Club: They will eventually enjoy Women’s League on Monday at 3 pm Men Play Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons. Wednesdays has a 9 am for the guys also. The events are still being planned at Marcus.

Landsmeer, in Orange City: For the week, leagues will be like this: Women Tuesdays at 5 pm and the Men 5 pm on Wednesdays. They host an 8” cup event on June 6th at Landsmeer. To check on up coming events Go online at We will have more to announce for the month of June.

Meadow Brook at Hartley: At Hartley the Men have Monday 4:30 pm league and Tuesday 3:30 pm play also. Men’s day is all day on Wednesdays and the Gals get the Tee Box on Thursdays at 5:30 pm. June 6th at Hartley is the Ryder Cup a lot more coming up for them.

Sanborn Golf and Country Club: For the week they have men’s league on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Gals are Thursdays all at 4 pm. Ray Jean has done very well in the club with Pizza service to help feed all those wanting to call in for pickup. She said they do hand made as you call and they have gotten rave reviews by many! Ray Jean hopes to welcome you to the clubhouse and is always ready to serve you at Sanborn.

Le Mars Willow Creek : For The week league tee box schedule will be Women on Tuesday at 5 pm, Wednesdays tee box goes to the Men. Men play again Thursdays. Mr P’s 4 man scramble is today at Willow Creek at 1 pm. The 7th is a 2 person Ryder Cup event with teen times needed call and give it a shot. The course always has room to play contact them at

Sibley Municipal Golf Course: Leagues are being played. The gals will be playing on Wednesday for league and the guys will play on Thursdays. June 6th is a 3 man 8” cup event at 9 am and then Sunday the 7th is a couples 2 ball 8” cup at 3 pm. As they get the calendar kicked off at Sibley.

Rolling Hills in Hull: This whats up there: Monday at 5:30 is Women’s league, Men will play Tuesday at 5 pm and Thursday at 5:30. Today they host a 4 person 8” best ball at 9 am. Call to play at Rolling Hills in Hull.

Primghar: They have men’s league Monday at 4:30, Men again on Tuesday at 4 pm, Women on Wednesdays at 3:30, and the over 60 Men play Thursdays at 1 pm. They host the Derrick Rensink Memorial at 1 pm on June 6th for 9 holes. June 7th is the Kids Kampus 4 person best shot at 12:30 pm. For 9 holes of play. Lots coming up at Primghar this summer.

Paullina Golf Course: League play is Men on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and Women Play on Wednesdays all tee off at 5 pm. JUNE 6th has a 3 person best ball event More to come for them at Paullina.

Sheldon Golf and Country Club: For the week league play has started in Sheldon with 3:30 pm on Tuesday and again at 6 pm also on Tuesday. The gals will play Wednesdays at 6 pm. Then Men again at 6 pm on Thursday. They host the first event today a 2 man 27 hole scramble to play in off the boxes at 9 am at Sheldon. As the season progresses and the normal returns come and enjoy some cocktails on the upper deck at Sheldon.

Thank You you so very much for tuning us for our 11th season on KIWA 105.3 and our presentation of the Saturday Morning Tee Box. We look forward to a wonderful golf season at all the courses and we will do all we can to bring you the activities to enjoy. We thank our sponsors for the season, Randy Rolfsen at Emerald Hills teaching all ages to play, Sheldon Golf and Country Club, inviting you to come enjoy the upper deck with friends for a bite to eat or cocktails. The Station in Hull, offering Club Car and Yamaha golf carts at great prices. Matt Nice instructor at The Ridge in Sioux Center, and Adam Coates instructor at Spencer Country Club. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather trend and this great game

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