Saturday Morning Tee Box

Sheldon, Iowa — welcome to, the 2nd show of our 12th season of the Saturday Morning Tee Box for the 2021 golf season. Golf is being played everywhere with league play and open golf even though it has been cool. We hope we can find some fine events and or courses to play this great game. We Thank our sponsors for this season for bringing this program to you: Jeff at The Station in Hull with new and used Club Car and Yamaha golf carts, Our very own Sheldon Country Club, Randy Rolfsen teaching pro from Emerald Hills, Adam Coates teaching Pro at the Spencer Country Club, Jon Crane also teaching pro from The Ridge in Sioux Center.

Rock Valley Golf Course: They play leagues with Men on Monday and Tues. eve. And the Women play Thurs eve. The will have a big month of June for tournaments starting on the 5th with a Spirit Club event at 1pm. Brent has this course in immaculate shape get out and play the course.

Sibley Municipal Golf Course: Leagues are being played with the gals on Wednesday and the guys will play on Thursdays. Mulligans is ready to serve you with delicious foods from ReBar Grill, enjoy. They too will start the tourney calendar with a 3 man 8” event Sponsored by 1015 Steak Co. Call to get in. Bill does a wonderful job in Sibley and very well groomed to play.

Rolling Hills in Hull: Here is the plan this week, Monday at 5:30 is Women’s league, Men will play Tuesday at 5pm and Thursday at 5:30. Today, they host a 4 person 8” cup off the box 9a-3p, then on June 9th a Kiwanis Adult Tourney for them at Hull. Call to play at Rolling Hills in Hull.

Primghar: They have Men’s league Tuesday at 4pm, Women best ball on Wednesdays at 3:30, and the over 60 Men play Thursdays at 1pm. They will have open golf for the Memorial Day holiday and the first Kids Campus 4 person Best Ball on 9 holes is June 6th register at 12:30 with a 1pm shotgun start at Primghar enjoy the course.

Paullina Golf Course: League play is Men on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and Women Play on Wednesdays all tee off at 5pm. May 30th they host a Memorial Day couples choice at 4pm at Paullina. Get into this one.

Otter Valley Golf and Country Club: They will have Women’s league on Tuesdays at 5pm and Men Play Wednesday and Thursdays at 3:30 and 5:30 pm., Their first tourney event is June 6th a 4man 8” cup event to play in at 12:30pm.

The Ridge in Sioux Center: They host their second tourney of the season today, a 4 player scramble event call them for this. Ladies will be playing league Monday and Thursday starting in June Men started their season this week Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoy and play at the Ridge in Sioux Center.

Spencer Golf and Country Club: Women’s day is Tuesday, Men are on Wednesdays and the have the 64 team Men’s night at 6pm on Thursdays. June 6th is a 2 person 9-9-9 tourney handicap is needed. Deb continues to bring a delicious menu to the club, check out her food specials at Spencer CC. Go to for tee times to play.

Remsen Country Club: For the week, Leagues will be played with Women on Mondays, Men play Tuesday and Thursdays. This a very enjoyable course to play. Check with Russ at Remsen go to Facebook to see what else is going on!

Silver Lake C. C. at Lake Park: For the week leagues now being played Monday Mixed at 5:30p, Tuesday Men’s at 5p, Wednesday 1pm another Men’s league, . Taco Wednesday at 5pm is still very popular you can enjoy Taco Night with them at Silver Lake. Many have taken advantage of the 100.00 memberships at Silver Lake then just rent a cart.

Emerald Hills at Arnold’s Park: For the week women are on the box on Monday’s, and Men play Wednesdays for leagues at Emerald Hills. Memorial day the 31st is the Emerald Hills 50th Anniversary golf tourney get in and enjoy the celebration at Emerald Hills. June 6th they host a 2 man best shot event to play in.

Sioux Golf in Alton: Play At Sioux Golf goes like this, Both women and men got started this week gals Monday and Tuesday, Men Wednesday and Thursday. June 1st the ladies Flag Tourney! Then on the 5th is Ron DeVries Memorial. Please, call them and ask for more info or follow them on Facebook.

Brooks Golf : Get out yet this year and play Brooks, this is a 27 hole course they always can get you out to play. The league play starts with Tuesday 10:30 am Senior choose up, Wednesday is Women’s at 5:30pm, Men play 6pm on Thursday evenings. May 21st is a Kiwanis Fundraiser. As always Memorial day weekend Veterans Play FREE. June 5th is an 8” cup event. Go online @ for all tee times.

Spencer Municipal: Leagues for them go like this, Tuesday early bird Ladies play at 8:30 am and Gals again 5:15p, Wed Men play 4pm., Thurs Senior 8:30am for men and 3pm again. Friday the couples play at 6pm. June 5th is the spring Carl Spackler day at the Muni.

Prairie Rose in Brunsville: Senior Men play 9am, Women at 6pm. Tuesday is best ball league day and Guys have league day again on Thursday. They will play a 4 person scramble 10 am on May 29th. June 5th is the Fat Man’s 4 person scramble off at noon. We continue to check Facebook for info, and you can too, or call and ask Brandon what’s happening, 533-6774.

Okoboji View: Leagues are off the box with Men State line Seniors 7:30am and the Men again at 5:30p for 9 holes. Tuesday is the popular 2 man Peoria Steak night being played through Sept. Thursday is Men off the box at 10a fro 9 holes, Pub 19 is always ready with great foods . Tourney calendar starts June 4th with Couples 4 ball. Go to the web at And check them out.

Marcus Community Golf Club: The leagues are played with Ladies Monday at 3pm , Men Tuesday and Thursday, Couples play every other Wednesday started May 12th. Men also have morning league on Wednesday am. They have a Wine-Nine-Dine coming up on the 29th and then June 5th is a 3 man Best Ball event, please call and talk to Lacy for the up coming events and follow them on Facebook also.

Landsmeer, in Orange City: Women play Tuesday at 5pm, Wednesday is Men’s travel league for 18 hole play, and another 9 hole league play at 5pm. Thursday is another Men’s league. June 3 has the Bethany Service Fundraiser day and the 4th the Red Raider Day on the course. Go online at to keep up with them.

Sanborn Golf and Country Club: For the week they have still have men’s league on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Gals are Thursdays all at 4pm. Ashley has delicious foods at the club! June 5th the Cella Bosma Chip in fore education will be played in a 4 person format. They hope to welcome you to the clubhouse and course at Sanborn.

Le Mars Willow Creek : League tee box schedule will be Women on Tuesday at 5pm, Wednesdays tee box goes to the Men. Men play again Thursdays. Memorial Day/Patriot Day 3 person Scramble to be played in six-somes with tee times 7a-noon. June 6th has a 2 Person Ryder cup on the course for 27 hole tourney. To get into their activities contact them at

MeadowBrook Hartley: Leagues play Men on Monday 4:30pm, Tuesday is Men at 2:30pm, Men’s open Golf Day all day Wednesdays and at 5:30pm it’s Best Ball Play. Ladies have the course on Thursday at 5:30pm. Junior Golf Academy starts on Wednesday June 2nd from 9-11am. Senior Ladies Tour tees off at 9am on Monday June 7th at Hartley.

Sheldon Golf and Country Club: They have Men’s League at 3:30 and 6pm on Tuesday, Women at 6 0n Wednesday and Men again Thurs at 6pm. Couples play every other Friday beginning May 28th. June 5th is a 27 hole 2 person scramble 8” cup to play at 9am. You can still Enjoy the view of the course and your favorite cocktails from the upper deck at Sheldon Golf and Country Club.

The 2021 Golf season and the Saturday Morning Tee Box and our 12th year is in full swing and happy to be a part of your day. We thank our sponsors for the season, Jon Crane instructor at The Ridge in Sioux Center, and Adam Coates instructor at Spencer Country Club. Randy Rolfsen at Emerald Hills teaching all ages to play the game, Sheldon Golf and Country Club, inviting you to come enjoy the upper deck with friends and The Station in Hull, offering Club Car and Yamaha golf carts at great prices.

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