Sports Scores For Saturday January 27th

Wrestling was on the Saturday schedule along with a limited basketball schedule for high school and in the GPAC.

The Kingsley-Pierson Krosch wrestling invitational

Team results: 1. Hinton 240, 2. LeMars 172, 3. Akron-Westfield 145, 4. Ridge View 143.5, 5. West Sioux 143, 6. Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 107, 7. Sioux City North 85, 8. Sioux City East 69.5, 9. MMC-RU 65, 10. Kingsley-Pierson 58.

106-pound first place match: Connor Morrow, Fresh. Akron-Westfield, over Caden Sitzmann, Fresh. LeMars, by fall 2:43

106-pound third place match: Aaron Schurman, Fresh. West Sioux, over Quentin Smith, Fresh. Hinton, by a 9-1 major decision

113-pound first place match: Jack Border, Soph. Sioux City North, over Evan Stahl, Jr. Hinton, by fall in 3:10

113-pound third place match: Cole Bomgaars, Fresh. Boyden-Hull-Rock Valley, over Wyatt Dumas, Fresh. Akron-Westfield, by tech fall 17-0 in 3:18

120-pound first place match: Cael Morrow, Sr. Akron-Westfield, over Preston Province, Sr. West Sioux, by fall in 3:19

120-pound third place match: Evan Jagodzinske, Soph. Kingsley-Pierson, over Mario Garcia, Soph. Sioux City East, by fall in 49 seconds

126-pound first place match: Brock Hessenius, Jr. LeMars, over Reid Persinger, Sr. West Sioux, by fall in 3:31

126-pound third place match: Kevin Klein, Soph. Sioux City North, over Juan Ruvalcaba, Sr. Boyden-Hull-Rock Valley, due to medical forfeit

132-pound first place match: Jesse Lewis, Jr. West Sioux, over Jadyn Friedrichs, Sr. Akron-Westfield, by a 12-5 decision

132-pound third place match: Ethan Sachau, Sr. Hinton, over Brodie Hoffman, Fresh. Akron-Westfield, by fall in 58 seconds

138-pound first place match: Dustin Van Oort, Soph. West Sioux, over Gage Johnson, Soph. Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn-Remsen-Union, by fall in 3:59

138-pound third place match: Cole Bloyer, Jr. Ridge View, over Noah Jones, Fresh. Akron-Westfield, by fall in 2:34

144-pound first place match: Mark Gant, Jr. Hinton, over Michael Murra, Sr. LeMars, by fall in 4:35

144-pound third place match: Zac Finzen, Sr. West Sioux, over Clayton Jacobson, Jr. Ridge View, by tech fall 18-3 in 5:14

150-pound first place match: Keegan Kayser, Sr. LeMars, over Conner Jacobson, Jr. Ridge Viewm by sudden victory 1 (7-5)

150-pound third place match: Michael Loutsch, Jr. Hinton, over Jack Schoenfelder, Sr. Akron-Westfield, by fall in 36 seconds

157-pound first place match: Brogan Lake, Jr. Hinton, over Jesus Sanchez, Sr. Sioux City East, by fall in 2:46

157-pound third place match: Noah Shepherd, Sr. Ridge View, over Hayden Sitzmann, Soph. LeMars, by a 4-1 decision

165-pound first place match: Brock Mulder, Soph. Boyden-Hull-Rock Valley, over Jackson Kounkel, Soph. Hinton, by a 5-2 decision

165-pound third place match: Tyler Cook, Sr. Sioux City East, over Elisha Olson. Soph. LeMars, by fall in 1:12

175-pound first place match: Gabe Anderson, Jr. Hinton, over Kody Jacobson, Sr. Ridge View, by fall in 3:01

175-pound third place match: Braydon Kusler, Soph. Akron-Westfield, over Kaden Steffen, Soph. Marcus-Meridan-Cleghorn-Remsen-Union, by fall in 4:39

190-pound first place match: Camden Feuerhelm, Sr. LeMars, over Blake Myrtue, Soph. Ridge View, by an 8-4 decision

190-pound third place match: Jacob Bishop, Jr. Hinton, over Brooks Binneboese, Jr. Hinton, by medical forfeit

215-pound first place match: Peyton Hackett, Jr. Kingsley-Pierson, over Dramelle McCray, Jr. Ridge View, by fall in 5:08

215-pound third place match: Bode Binneboese, Sr. Hinton, over Kaleb Breuer, Jr. LeMars, by a 6-0 decision

Heavy weight first place match: Jesue Garcia, Sr. Boyden-Hull-Rock Valley, over Jaxen Hoag, fresh. LeMars, by fall in 1:59

Heavy weight third place match: Tyler Chasteen, Jr. Hinton, over Miskoo Petite, Jr. Sioux City North, by fall in 52 seconds

Parker SD invitational

Team scores: 1. Tea Area, SD 272.5, 2. Parker, SD 195.5, 3. Stanley County, SD 124, 4. West Lyon 118.5, 5. McCook Central/Montrose, SD 90. 6. Deuel/Deubrook Area, SD 71, 7. Western Christian 70.5, 8. West Central JV 37, 9. Chester, SD 28.5, 10. Mitchell JV, SD 26, 11. Hanson, SD 16, 12. Yankton JV, SD 7, 13. Scotland, SD 0

For individual West Lyon results click here.

For individual Western Christian results click here.

Remsen St Mary’s 58, Gehlen Catholic 18

Sioux City Heelan 66, Western Christian 52

Remsen St Mary’s 51, Gehlen Catholic 33

Northwestern College, IA 79; Hastings, NE 61

Dordt University 102, Doane 58

Northwestern College, IA 79; Hastings, NE 71

Dordt University 108, Doane 77