Weekly Iowa DNR Northwest Iowa Fishing Report

Northwest Iowa – Here is this week’s Northwest Iowa Fishing Report from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, as released Thursday afternoon, June 13th.

East Okoboji Lake
Lake level is 1.4 feet above crest. The walleye season is open. Black Crappie – Good:  Bluegill – Good: Lots of bluegill have been observed in shallower waters; many fish are on beds. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Bass are a little ways off shore; you can still find some around docks and other structure. Yellow Perch – Good: Many perch have been observed; sorting will most likely be needed.

Ingham Lake
– Fair: Anglers have been successful morning and afternoon.  

Silver Lake (Dickinson)
Lake level is 8 inches over crest. Walleye – Good: Bite has been hit-or-miss, but has been very good when the bite is on.

Spirit Lake
Lake level is 1 foot over crest. The walleye season is open. Large amounts of curly-leaf pondweed have died off for the season; it’s piling up on shores due to higher winds. Black Crappie – Good: Anglers are finding quality-size crappie; they are biting on almost anything. Bluegill – Fair. Walleye – Good: Anglers are catching quality-sized walleye. Evening bite is best with leech and bobber from shore or crankbaits and slip bobbers by boat. Yellow Perch – Good: Sorting may be needed.

West Okoboji Lake
Lake level is 1.5 feet above crest. The walleye season is open. Black Crappie – Fair: Bluegill – Good. Pumpkinseed – Good. Walleye – Fair. Yellow Perch – Fair: Sorting may be needed.

Expect water temperatures to increase rapidly in the next week; temperatures in the 80s-90s forecast. Area water temperatures are in the low 70s. Water levels are well above crest and have flooded some lower level areas. For current conditions, call the Spirit Lake District Office at 712-336-1840.



Weekly Iowa DNR Fishing Report

Regional-Here is this week’s weekly Iowa DNR Fishing Report as released by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Thursday, July 18.

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