KIWA Staff

Hayden McHugh


Hayden enjoys computers, playing video games, especially Fortnite, and bowling. He is a member of the Junior Professional Bowler’s Association, and currently boasts an average of around 200. He recently bowled a 300 game at a nearby bowling alley. Every chance he gets in any new community he finds himself visiting, he is finding a bowling alley. He enjoys not only the act of bowling, but knowing and understanding the physics behind the sport, in fact he recently won first place in the science fair, and is looking forward to going to the state science fair soon. He took the advice of his teacher and did his project on something he is passionate about — bowling.

When Hayden is not playing Fortnite or bowling, he enjoys spending time with his friends, science, and being around his family.

Some things you won’t find Hayden thoroughly enjoying include reading fiction novels, chatting on the phone, and dancing.

Hayden just started his radio adventure working at KIWA. Hayden’s solid grasp on various technological venues shows that he is looking at a bright future in radio.