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Luke Jansma

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Luke Jansma was born in 1999, in Louisville, Colorado. He moved to Sheldon in 2005 when he was five years old, and has been a resident ever since. Luke attended Sheldon High school and was heavily involved in the Summer Theater, Speech, and Fall Musical programs. He graduated in the summer of 2018, and planned on attending Western Iowa Tech. Community College (WIT) in Sioux City.

Luke began taking Broadcast and Journalism classes at WIT in the Fall of 2018. He studied for two years when he was able to graduate in the Summer of 2020, but to complete his education he still needed to get a required number of internship hours. When he moved back home he applied for an internship at KIWA Radio. They obliged him and Luke came on the KIWA team as a part time intern to write and report, as well as be an On Air Personality.

Luke completed his internship hours and was given his Associates Degree in Journalism.

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