Spring Planting Survey shows farmers adjusting to markets & input prices

IARN — As we get ready to get going on the 2023 growing season, the biggest question people want to be answered is what do farmers intend to plant. It sets the tone in the markets. It tells the rest of the global marketplace what we hope to have available, and it informs input companies about what they can expect for business this year. Read more

Using “goatscaping” for brush management

IARN — Brush management can be a difficult and somewhat dangerous job for landowners, especially if that land is uneven. It also requires a lot of inputs like herbicides, which can also cause weeds to become resistant and make the problem even worse. You’d think that grazing cattle would be able to help, but they’re fairly picky about what they’ll eat- they prefer grass. Goats, on the other hand, will eat just about anything. Adam Ledvina, owner of Iowa Kiko Goats, said he realized how goats could be used for “goatscaping” and decided to try and develop them as an extra tool that farmers and landowners can use for brush management. Read more

Ag may have a quiet year in the Iowa State House

IARN — The last few years were busy for agriculture in the state of Iowa. We saw ethanol legislation, property tax legislation, and so much more. With all that accomplished, there isn’t a whole lot left on the immediate horizon for ag under the dome of the Iowa capitol building. Read more