EPA asking corn, oil for input on U.S. biofuel policy

IARN — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants industry groups to give input on where the future of U.S. biofuel policy is heading after the current phase finishes in 2022. This is a new opportunity for the oil, corn, and biofuel industries to reshape the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the source of a bitter dispute between the industries for more than ten years. Under the regulation, the EPA will have discretion over the annual mandated biofuel blending volumes from 2023 forward, taking over that responsibility from Congress. Read more

Iowa Dairy Producers Ask Help With Transportation, Sustainability

Statewide Iowa — The challenges of the pandemic are reinforcing the importance of the trucking industry, especially in states like Iowa, where 18-wheelers move a host of commodities. Mitch Schulte, executive director of the Iowa State Dairy Association, says he’s hopeful the Iowa legislature will pass a bill this session allowing overweight milk tankers to travel on interstates instead of forcing them onto congested state and county roads. Read more