Loan hurdles and looming economy problems are extra hard on new farmers

IARN — Farmers and ag economists told the House Agriculture Committee that excessive FSA loan requirements, discrimination, and worsening economic problems are all making it harder to get into and stay in farming. Illinois farmer Adam Brown struggled despite FSA and Farm Credit Illinois loans to buy shares in his late grandparents’ farm, but it wasn’t enough, forcing him to testify for the Illinois Farm Bureau to turn to NRCS for more help. Read more

Republican lawmakers demand Biden relax import duties on fertilizer

IARN — Republican lawmakers demand the Biden administration waive import duties on fertilizer from Morocco and Trinidad and Tobago. The Biden administration has placed duties on fertilizer imports of phosphate fertilizer products from Morocco and is working on new duties on urea ammonium nitrate fertilizer from Trinidad and Tobago. Read more

Clean Fuels highlights job creation & economic benefits in letter to President Biden

IARN — Clean Fuels Alliance America wrote to President Joe Biden Wednesday and other administration officials to highlight the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry’s contribution to job growth. The letter asks the administration to support tax policy that encourages continued investments, capacity expansion, and additional job creation. The letter states, “The clean fuels industry increased production during 2021, making an essential contribution to the nation’s fuel supply,” adding, “Our industry plans to continue increasing production this year.” Read more