Iowans raise concerns over CO2 pipelines

IARN — We have been talking for over a year about the proposed carbon capture and sequestration pipelines proposed to be built around Iowa. We have heard about the goals these projects have for the environment, and how they hope to be able to turn CO2 into something useful in the future. Read more

There’s more to worry about than ASF

IARN — For the past few years, we have been paying very close attention to the movement of African Swine Fever (ASF) around the globe. The United States has been very diligent and has kept it off our shores for some time. While the focus has been on ASF, there are still other health issues that hogs are facing in our country. We cannot turn a blind eye to those just for the sake of monitoring ASF. Read more

Shipping reform has further options

IARN — The supply chain is suffering in this country and around the globe. There were many concerns raised about the situation we have in our ports, especially in the Pacific. Containers have been heading across the ocean empty while American goods are waiting to be shipped. Read more

USDA expands crop insurance for double crop systems

IARN — The Department of Agriculture Tuesday announced an expansion of crop insurance availability for double-crop practices. To reduce the risk of raising two crops on the same land in one year – a practice known as double cropping – USDA’s Risk Management Agency is expanding double-crop insurance opportunities in over 1,500 counties where double cropping is viable. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined President Joe Biden at an Illinois farm in May to announce a series of actions to help farmers. Read more

FSA Crop Acreage Reports Due THIS FRIDAY

Statewide Iowa — If you’re a farmer or an agriculture landowner, you’re probably busy. But here’s a reminder that busy farmers and landowners need to keep in mind. If you haven’t yet certified your acres — your time is almost up. Read more