NMPF grows impatient with slow changes to shipping woes

IARN — It has been almost a month since President Biden signed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act into law. Many ag groups supported this bill because it was designed to help logjams at ports, ease supply chain issues, and increase transparency and accountability. Read more

USDA helping issue child food benefits for summer

IARN — The USDA is partnering with states and territories across the country to work with urgency to provide food benefits for the summer months to eligible children. As of July 8, 27 states and territories, including Puerto Rico, are set up to provide these benefits to an estimated 13 million children. “For far too long, millions of families have struggled to keep their kids fed and healthy during the summer while schools are out,” says Cindy Long, administrator of the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service. Read more

Scout now for corn rootworm

IARN — Corn rootworm isn’t called the billion-dollar pest for no reason and as we are moving right along this growing season, now is the time where corn rootworm is starting to make its appearance and cause the most damage in fields, so farmers need to be on the lookout. Read more

“Goose Necked” Corn May Spring Up In Damaged Iowa Fields

Statewide, Iowa — Some Iowa corn fields were battered or knocked over by last week’s storms and ISU Extension Field Agronomist Gentry Sorenson says over the next few days, the upper stalk of the corn may start to shift.

Goose necked corn creates headaches during harvest, as the corn cobs fall or break off before they’re captured by the combine. The latest Iowa crop and weather report indicates the vast majority of Iowa’s corn crop is in good shape.

The latest USDA analysis indicates there were pockets of crop damage from the derecho that swept through northern Iowa last week, but the report does not offer any estimate of the damage. Eighty-one percent of the corn crop is rated in good or excellent condition. As for Iowa’s soybean conditions: 79 percent in the good or excellent category. The storms that rolled through dropped rain on parched areas of the state. The state climatologist says the statewide average precipitation last week was over two inches — twice what’s normal this time of year. Spirit Lake recorded the most rainfall for the past week — more than six inches.

Congresswoman Hinson talks domestic energy situation

IARN — A trip to the gas pump has been hurting more and more over the past few months and there isn’t really an end in sight. We hear a lot of ideas floated around. The President has even told Oil companies to flat out lower their prices, which can be a problem when you look at a capitalistic economy. Read more

Dairy industry speaks out at farm bill listening session

IARN — Dairy producers from several National Milk Producers Federation cooperatives urged Congress to create greater opportunities as they write the next farm bill. The dairy farmers are looking for opportunities to promote environmental stewardship, promote exports, and want Congress to craft farm bill programs that aid dairy farmers of all sizes in all regions. Melvin Medeiros of Laton, California, and Joey Fernandes of Tulare, California, spoke during a listening session held by California Representative Jim Costa. Read more