Mental Health Bill For Farmers Introduced

A bill introduced by Senator John Tester seeks to bring mental health resources and awareness to rural communities. The Montana Democrat this week introduced the Seeding Rural Resilience Act to help reduce stress and suicides in rural America. While Tester says, “there is no silver bullet,” he says the bill “provides better tools and resources for folks in rural communities to manage and reduce stress.”

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“Growyards” For Cattle Bring Opportunity

A new niche is developing in the cattle industry.

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Area Farmers Warn Trump’s 2020 Election Hangs On Ethanol Decision

Northwest Iowa — Ethanol industry leaders say there will be price, storage and political ramifications if President Trump fails to act within the next two weeks, and force oil refineries to blend more ethanol into gasoline. Read more

Agriculturists Call For USMCA Ratification Ahead Of Senate Ag Committee

The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry held a hearing Wednesday on the “Perspectives of the Livestock and Poultry Sectors.”

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Channel Marketing Consultant Outlines Challenges For Moving 2019 Crop

The weather in 2019 has thrown many producers across the country for a loop. If they haven’t had their growing season affected by floods, drought, or storms, they have had to deal with the uncertainty of a lower marketplace. Trying to predict what you will need to do for 2019 may be the toughest choice you make this year. Many people are going to be watching for signs of a strengthening market.

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Corn Earworm Picks Up Activity In Iowa

Corn earworm is common in Iowa corn.
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