Providing carbon credit opportunities for livestock producers

IARN — Most people think of row crop opportunities when they talk about carbon credits, but there are opportunities for livestock producers who own land as well. The folks at Graze Master Group saw this potential and partnered with Agoro Carbon to offer some carbon credit options for farmers and ranchers. Graze Master Group Co-Founder Del Ficke said they want to help those producers get some extra dollars out of their conservation practices. Read more

The importance of making plans for planting

IARN — As February approaches it’s still too cold with too much snow on the ground to get much work done outside. However, it is a great time to sit down and draft a plan of attack for planting season 2023. Read more

U.S. Export Sales Report (1-26-23)

IARN — This week’s exports were average to slightly bullish. Corn numbers are still just a little disappointing, but soybeans and wheat are friendly. Allendale commodity broker Greg McBride provided a breakdown of this week’s U.S. Export Sales Report. Read more

HPAI causing increase in egg prices

IARN — The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreak is causing a short supply of eggs, leading to higher prices for consumers. According to American Farm Bureau Federation Economist Bernt Nelson, the key factor in that price change is the inventory of laying hens. Read more

Soy oil driving innovation in renewable fuels

IARN — The average consumer probably thinks of soybeans primarily as a protein source for animals and humans. While it is true that soybeans are predominantly used as a food source for livestock and humans, advancements in innovation and technology have allowed soybeans to provide much more for consumers than just a food source. Read more