Iowa’s Deputy Ag Secretary Talks Conservation, Cover Crops

Des Moines, Iowa — Des Moines Area Community College’s (DMACC) FFA Enrichment Center beamed with conversation, as an audience filled with ladies patiently awaited the start of Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Julie Kenney’s speech at the 2019 Iowa Women in Agriculture Conference on August 1st. Read more

Honey Bee Colony Numbers Drop

Honey bee colonies for operations with 5 or more colonies in Iowa as of January 1, 2019, totaled 7,500 colonies. This is 82 percent below the 41,000 colonies on January 1 last year, and 64 percent below the 21,000 colonies during the October-December 2018 quarter. Producers boosted their
January 1 inventory by moving colonies into Iowa and adding colonies to a maximum of 11,500 during the January-March 2019 quarter. Since January 2018 the July-September 2018 quarter had the largest maximum number of colonies, with 57,000, while January-March 2019 quarter had the smallest maximum number of colonies with 11,500.

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Iowa State Fair Scavenger Hunt

As you know, we’re just a week away from the exciting two weeks of the Iowa State Fair. While that’s not quite enough time to do all there is to enjoy at the fair, you should be able to check a few boxes off a list I’ve created for you. As a lifelong Iowa State Fair goer, I take my job of showing our fair to all my friends from near and far very seriously. So, I have compiled a quick guide to get you started on your Iowa State Fair adventure

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Farmland Leasing & Value Meetings and Other Ag Economy Updates

The Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) has again conducted the 2018-19 land value and leasing surveys. Both results were earlier-announced and form the foundation for the annual ISU Extension and Outreach Land Leasing & Value meetings. This year, the local county ISU Extension and Outreach offices will be hosting a meeting in each of the 13 Northwest Iowa counties. Thanks to those of you who have attended in the past; we hope to see many of you this year, too!

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Latest USDA Monthly Commodity Price Report

The average price received by farmers for corn during June in Iowa was $3.95 per bushel according to the latest USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service – Agricultural Prices report. This was up 36 cents from the May price and 41 cents above June 2018.

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