Iowa harvest wrapping up, Crop Progress Report says

IARN — Just a small percentage of Iowa’s corn and soybean crop remains to be harvested.

The weekly Crop Progress Report from USDA on Monday showed Iowa’s corn harvest at 97 percent completion and soybeans at 99 percent. Nationally, the corn harvest reached 95 percent on Sunday, according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. Read more

How can ethanol fit into lofty 2050 emissions goals?

IARN — It has been no secret that since the Obama Administration, there have been more efforts to combat the question and effects of climate change. There have been pushes made to curb the amount of carbon emissions in our modes of transportation and commit to more electric and clear burning fuel sources. The incoming Biden Administration is committed to a plan to have us get to a net-zero carbon emission status by the year 2050. However, opponents and skeptics say that while the idea of electrical-based vehicles and equipment is noble, the fact is that we still rely very heavily on fossil fuels like coal and oil to drive the generation of electricity. Read more

Soy-based PoreShield™ approved for use on Iowa bridge decks

IARN — PoreShield™, the new concrete durability enhancer technology can now be used on concrete bridge decks in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) recently approved SoySeal Ultra, which is powered by PoreShield technology, to protect concrete bridge decks from premature damage. Read more

ICA: Leading the charge for cattle market reform

IARN — Last August, Tyson Foods’ beef processing facility in Holcomb, Kansas, sustained considerable damages. Economic disruption soon ensued, leaving cattle producers, elected leaders, and grassroots organizations in search of long-term solutions for cattle marketing. Read more