Ernst Urges USDA To Update Greenhouse Gas Modeling

IARN — Environmental policy is a hot topic these past few months in Washington, and around the country. The Biden Administration campaigned heavily on improving the environment and combatting climate change. Biofuels have long said that they can be a part of those plans. However, there are calls for updating the data concerning biofuels at the United States Department of Agriculture. One Iowa Senator is one of those asking for updates to the modeling. Read more

NCBA: Grassley bill “not solution industry needs”

IARN — Senator Chuck Grassley this week introduced legislation to address transparency in the cattle market. The Iowa Republican, along with a bipartisan group of Senators, says the bill intends to foster efficient markets while increasing competition and transparency among meatpackers who purchase livestock directly from independent producers. This bipartisan bill will require that a minimum of 50 percent of a meat packer’s weekly volume of beef slaughter be purchased on the open or spot market. Read more