Biden signs executive orders following inauguration

IARN — Day one of the Biden administration brought several executive orders signed by the President, including those reversing actions taken during the Trump Administration. President Joe Biden called for unity during his inauguration speech, stating, “We must end this uncivil war that pits red versus blue, rural versus urban,” before planning to sign 17 executive orders later in the day. Read more

NBB outlines carbon reduction priorities

IARN — The National Biodiesel Board is continuing its goal of driving down greenhouse gas emissions in 2021.

NBB is hosting its annual convention this week in a virtual format, and CEO Donnell Rehagen opened the conference with a message regarding a new era for low-carbon fuels. He says while the energy sector did not escape the impacts of the global pandemic, the impending “energy transition” – the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy – has mostly remained intact. Powerhouse states in this effort include California, New York, and more. Read more

US lamb exports expanding in Japan

IARN — Japanese consumers are seeking more high-quality meat options due to the slowing of foodservice operations from COVID-19 restrictions. Near the top of the list is lamb cuts from the US.

According to Tom Kasatani – US Meat Export Federation’s senior marketing manager in Japan – US lamb is available at high-end Japanese retail establishments, but consumers are also seeking the product to prepare at home. Read more