Heat stress has already claimed the lives of cattle

IARN — It is warm out there, and Mother Nature keeps turning up the thermostat a little further each day. Of course, we have the option of air conditioning and multiple ways to keep ourselves cool. When it comes to animals, we need to ensure we are providing options to keep them cool. Read more

ISU livestock economist debunks the idea of shortages

IARN — Dr. Lee Shulz Associate Professor and livestock economist at Iowa State University spoke recently at the SE region Beef Meets hosted by the Iowa Cattlemen.  Sponsored by the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, Shulz offered some remarks about current supply and demand forces impacting the livestock industry and offered some opinions about so-called shortages. Read more

President Biden signed Ocean Shipping Reform Act into law

IARN —  President Joe Biden signed into law the Ocean Shipping Reform Act Thursday afternoon, applauded by the American Farm Bureau Federation. AFBF President Zippy Duvall attended the signing ceremony at the White House and says the Biden administration worked with Farm Bureau to support passage of the bill. Read more

Managing high fertilizer costs

IARN — Even though we are only halfway through June, farmers are already in planning mode for what happens after their crops come out. While many farmers got their inputs locked in before fertilizer prices shot up last year, that option is not available for this year. Now, the key is going to be playing a market that may come down or may not. You must know how to plan for these high prices to be continuing. Read more

Clean Fuels applauds Chevron on completion acquiring Renewable Energy Group

IARN — Clean Fuels Alliance America CEO Donnell Rehagen welcomed news Monday that Chevron finalized its acquisition of Renewable Energy Group, a longtime Clean Fuels Alliance America member. As the acquisition is finalized, Chad Stone of Renewable Energy Group will continue to lead the Clean Fuels Governing Board as chair. Rehagen says, “This is a meaningful acquisition for our industry and for Clean Fuels for many reasons.” The company was one of the first to build a biodiesel plant in the United States. Read more