Agricultural Drones Could Be Grounded By Proposed FAA Rule

IABRN — We have become much more high-tech in our ability to look at our crops. Thanks to drones, we no longer have to walk all the fields. We can fly a camera over the trouble spots and get a bird’s eyes view of the field after canopy occurs. However, a proposed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule could bring many ag-use drones to the ground. Read more

Missouri River Management Bill Introduced As Runoff Forecasts Increase

(IARN) — Midwest lawmakers Thursday introduced legislation to overhaul the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ process for managing water resource projects along the lower Missouri River system. Senators from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska introduced the bill to establish a new program that would require the Corps of Engineers to implement a system-wide approach to water development projects to reduce flood risk and improve flood protection along the lower Missouri River. Read more