Study Shows Meat Demand Will Remain Strong In 2020

(IARN) — The Food Industry Association and the Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research, along with the North American Meat Institute Foundation, combined to produce their 15th-annual in-depth study of meat and poultry from the consumer’s perspective. “The Power of Meat 2020” takes a deep dive into consumption trends, sales growth, and consumer demand. The study finds demand for meat is accelerating with $50.5 billion worth of sales in 2019. Read more

EU Changes Stance Again On Willingness To Talk Ag With U.S.

(IARN) — A top European Union (EU) trade official says Europe seriously wants a trade agreement with the United States. However, EU political leaders still won’t negotiate on significant agricultural policies. Bernd Lange is chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade. He was in Washington, D.C. last week to talk to lawmakers and Trump administration officials. Reporters continued to question him about the U.S. demands that the EU reduce its ag tariff and non-tariff barriers to U.S. farm commodities. “On agriculture, everyone knows that this is not possible,” Lange says. Read more

Finding Value In Your Fertilizer Program

(IARN) — “Coming out of a tough year, guys are trying to find where they can save a nickel or stop the bleeding,” states Reid Abbott, field agronomy manager with AgroLiquid. Instead, Abbott encourages farmers to reevaluate their fertilizer program ahead of the 2020 crop season.

“Find smarter ways to spend dollars. Maybe (see) where you can diversify, not focus on any one particular nutrient. Look at what’s limiting, all the way down to your micronutrient,” Abbott said. “Look at different application methods and reevaluate your whole fertilizer program to get the most value out of it.” Read more

Midwest Dairy Launches Free Webinar Series

(IARN) — Two major United States milk processors filed for bankruptcy, casting a dark shadow on the American dairy industry.

Dean Foods, who initiated voluntary Chapter 11 reorganization in November, cited “a challenging operating environment marked by continuing declines in consumer milk consumption,” among other reasons. Read more

Farming Taking Its Toll On Hearing And It Affects Safety

(IARN) — According to the latest rankings; farming is now the seventh most dangerous occupation in America. We talk about the importance of safety around livestock and implements, but it goes much further than just watching the moving equipment. It also means protecting the senses you use to process the dangers around you, including your hearing. Read more

Iowa Farmer Among Those Honored By SHP At Commodity Classic

(IARN) — Five dedicated leaders in soil health received the Soil Health Partnership’s  (SHP) “Seeds of Change” awards at the 2020 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas. These awards highlight those participants in SHP who go above and beyond to promote soil health throughout the year.

“The Soil Health Partnership’s farmers are at the core of our work. Without their commitment and support, the work of SHP does not exist. I feel honored to partner with this strong group of farmers and recognize five farmers that go above and beyond in their work with SHP,” said John Mesko, SHP senior director. “These five individuals exemplify the very best of our dedicated partners, and we thank them for their great work.” Read more