Canadian Business Presents Unique Seed Treatment

(IARN) — Commodity Classic provides farmers an opportunity to “window shop.”

Exhibitors feature the latest and greatest innovations in American agriculture, offering growers options. One agricultural company, based out of Saskatoon, Sasketchewank, Canada, highlighted a unique product, offering protection against white mold and sudden death syndrome. Read more

Cargill Moving Into The “Fake-Meat” Business

(IARN) — Cargill is making a jump into the plant-based protein business. The global giant announced plans to sell its private-label plant-based patties and ground products to retailers and restaurants beginning in early April. Cargill says the offerings are part of its “new approach” to the future of the protein market, and they predict protein demand will jump by 70 percent over the next three decades. The plant-based products were developed and will be manufactured in Cargill facilities. Read more

NFU Says Goodbye To Roger Johnson; Election Coming For New President

(IARN) — The National Farmers Union officially saw Roger Johnson off into retirement late last week during a party that took place in the Farmers and Distillers Restaurant in northwest Washington, D.C. Johnson, the NFU President for 11 years, announced back in December that he would be retiring. “Farmers Union has been a fundamental part of who I am for all my life,” Johnson says. “It’s been the biggest honor of my life to serve this organization and the farmers and ranchers that make up the membership ranks. It’s a bittersweet feeling to step away from the role of a lifetime but I need to spend more time with my wife and four grandkids.” Read more

African Swine Fever: A Tale Of Two Outbreaks

(IARN) — Animal health officials believe African Swine Fever first originated in wild warthogs in sub-Saharan Africa. The virus continues it spread years later, infecting domestic swine.

Today we examine the latest outbreak, which can be summarized as “A Tale of Two Outbreaks.”

Dr. Liz Wagstrom serves as chief veterinarian for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). She updated our staff on the most recent outbreak, which affects both domestic and wild hogs. Read more