What Could Dean Foods Merger With DFA Mean?

IABRN — In November of last year, Dean Foods announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company announced back on November 12th that it was looking at a possible acquisition by the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA). Read more

Pork Pessimistic On EU; Beef Optimistic On China

(IARN) — U.S. pork producers don’t seem optimistic about a potential trade deal with the European Union (EU) coming together anytime soon. Nick Giordano is the Vice President of Global Government Affairs for the National Pork Producers Council. Giordano says that he’s “very skeptical” that the two sides will even reach a mini agreement in the weeks ahead. He feels the real goal should be a comprehensive trade pact covering all sectors of agriculture. “It’s outrageous that a market of that size, with that level of income, is so closed to us,” Giordano says. “They’re stealing jobs from us because of their protectionism and that’s unacceptable.” The VP says there will be widespread support in the U.S. agriculture community for the Trump Administration to take tough action against the EU if there are no concessions regarding a more open EU market. Read more

Markets Plunge As Coronavirus Becomes Global Issue

(IARN) — Grain markets on Monday recorded sharp declines. A market analyst outlines the underlying reason.

Money fled most commodity and equity assets as COVID-19, or Wuhan Coronavirus spread into South Korea, Iran and Italy, reports Brugler Marketing and Management. Read more