USMCA Senate Markup Scheduled For Tuesday

IABRN — The U.S. Senate will take its first look at the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Tuesday if the House sends the implementing legislation to the Senate. Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley announced the hearing after the House passed the agreement, along with articles of impeachment, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to hold the articles of impeachment, rather than sending them on to the Senate. However, the hearing is still not on the official calendar for the committee. Read more

RCIS Proud To Have Stood By Farmers In 2019

(IARN) — Insurance programs for agriculture were really put to the test in 2019. Farmers were diligent about making sure they were covered for many scenarios. However, time was often the enemy. Look no further than the prevent plant acres we saw in 2019. Deadlines were always breathing down farmers’ necks and Mother Nature never gave us a break. So, what can we learn from a year like that? Read more

FMC Launching Edge Herbicide In 2020

(IARN) — Weeds have been doing battle with us as long as there have been farmers. The technology in dealing with weeds is ever-changing and the weeds keep adapting. Companies are pouring more and more research dollars into finding complete weed control packages. FMC is delighted to announce they will have a new tool for your toolbox in 2020 with Edge herbicide. Read more

Edge Dairy Fighting For American Producers in D.C.

(IARN) — It is no secret that times have been tough for the American dairy farmer. The rate at which we are losing dairy farms is frightening. Dairy farms that have hung on are always looking for that glimmer of hope that things are turning around. We are beginning to see that turn around happening, but there is still quite a long way to go. Having strong advocates in Washington, D.C. is essential for their message to be heard.

Mike Torrey handles government affairs for Edge Dairy Cooperative. He talks about the political climate in D.C. and what needs to be done to get the story of dairy on the minds of people who are busy with other political distractions. He says it is like having one foot on the gas and another on the brake.

Outside of trade, the definition of what constitutes as milk has been a hot-button issue for the industry. Torrey points out that there is more consumer confusion than one would like to see.

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Story and image courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

Trends In 2019 Left Many Farmers And Lenders Scratching Their Heads

(IARN) — It seems like something we have talked about a lot. 2019 was a year we want to forget but cannot afford to. Many factors beyond our control had huge effects on how farms were operated. Some of these challenges were carried over from 2018, and some were brand new in 2019. Many of them left farmers and lenders scratching their heads. Read more