ASF Affecting The Price You Pay For A Drive-Thru Cheeseburger

(IARN) — When you think about African Swine Fever (ASF), you probably don’t think about what impact it is having on beef. That’s right, I said beef. The fact of the matter is that ASF has caused and is causing a chain reaction throughout the global meat markets. It is affecting everything, including that drive-thru cheeseburger you just had. Read more

First U.S. Shipment Of Chicken To China Arrives In January

(IARN) — USA Poultry and Egg Export President Jim Sumner says that the first U.S. chicken shipment to China in a long time will enter the Asian country next month. According to Agri-Pulse, it marks a resumption of those shipments after China lifted a ban on U.S. chicken just over a month ago. Read more

Chinese Soybean Purchases Rose In November

(IBRN) — Soon after China announced a partial trade agreement with the U.S., their purchases of American soybeans in November jumped higher. November imports jumped to 5.4 million tons, which was almost 54 percent higher than last year. U.S. soybean imports into China more than doubled from the previous month’s 2.6 million tons. That number comes from, a news website that serves the Chinese farming industry. Read more

NCBA “Sick Of Detractors”

(IARN) — There is still unrest in the livestock community over whether the fire at a Tyson Foods packing facility in western Kansas revealed collusion in the packing Industry. Also, a chance to talk with the new Chief Executive Officer of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). Read more

Grassley: House Labor Reform Will Not Pass Senate

(IARN) — Ag groups have been calling for labor reform for quite a while. Farmers have been looking for a way to get reliable labor when they need it. The U.S. House passed a bill with bipartisan support. However, the prospects of the legislation going anywhere in the Senate are bleak. Read more