ISU celebrates National Dairy Month

IARN — In honor of National Dairy Month, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is hosting several events throughout the state of Iowa, to educate the public about the dairy industry. Iowa ranks 12th overall in the nation’s total milk production, with over 5 billion pounds of milk being produced. There is also around 2,110 pounds of milk produced per cow, ranking Iowa as 8th in the nation’s milk production per cow. The state represents 2.45% of the total U.S. milk production. The dairy industry provides us with healthy, but mostly tasty treats like cheese, ice cream, chocolate milk, and more. Read more

Pork exports face headwinds in 2022

IARN — We came off a strong year of pork exports in 2021. It was the second-largest year on record for shipments of our products around the globe. But this year, things are off to a slower start. China has its herds back up around pre-COVID levels, and they are also facing pandemic lockdowns, which is slowing their demand. Read more

President Biden didn’t want to come to Iowa and support biofuels

IARN — Back in April, President Biden came to Menlo, Iowa, and told us that the EPA was using an emergency waiver to allow E15 sales to happen this summer. It was a celebrated win for the industry. Politicians on both sides of the aisle joined with the ag and biofuels industry to support this decision. Here is a reminder of how that was received in Iowa. Read more

Dairy leader wants more congressional focus on trade

IARN — Sheryl Meshke, CEO of Associated Milk Producers Incorporated, told a Senate subcommittee that the government must pursue expanded trade opportunities. The U.S. dairy industry is asking Congress to pursue additional market access opportunities and address export supply-chain delays so that the U.S. dairy industry can keep up with its global competitors. Read more