Indigo Marketplace: A Different Approach To Crop Marketing

(IARN) — Indigo Ag strives to “improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through use of natural microbiology and digital technologies.”

An employee speaks to a suite of tools, which ensures farmers are fairly compensated for regenerative agriculture practices. Read more

IRFA Announces Partnership With ISU BioBus

(IARN) — Many of the often-touted benefits of biodiesel – from cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions to high-paying jobs in rural communities – benefit the next generation beyond all others. In recognition of the important role students and young professionals will play in the future of the biodiesel industry, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association is announcing a partnership with Iowa State University’s BioBus program. Read more

U.S./Canada Border Closes Temporarily

(IARN) — “We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily closing our northern border with Canada to non-essential traffic,” stated President Donald Trump.

Both countries look to slow the spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus.

Trade will resume during this time. However, persons travelling for tourism or recreational purposes will not be allowed to cross the border, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Read more

Corn Futures Shaken By Demand Loss

(IARN) — Corn futures started the week on a sour note. As the days progress, corn futures continue to record losses.

Corn futures must come to terms with demand destruction, caused by COVID-19. Jim McCormick, branch manager of Ag Market, says futures prices on Wednesday started “coming into line” with the harsh reality.

“What I mean by that is with the free fall in the energy market, due to the overproduction in Saudi Arabia and Russia. Part of it is plain and simple: As we lock down the country to stop the spread of COVID-19, we’re seeing massive demand destruction in gasoline,” McCormick said. Read more

China Re-Opening To U.S. DDGs Exporters

(IARN) — China is working on opening its market once again to U.S. exporters of DDGs. An Agri-Pulse report says China announced a list of companies that once again are eligible to export the product. U.S. companies don’t export DDGs to China at this point. However, negotiators fought hard to get China to agree in the Phase One Trade Agreement to re-certify U.S. producers to sell to their Chinese clients as trade will pick up once again between the two countries. China’s General Administration of Customs released a list of almost 90 companies that are eligible to export DDGs to the Asian country. Read more