Monarch Challenge Surpasses Expectations

(IARN) — Pollinators have been a topic of discussion for a couple of years in agriculture. Sometimes the discussions have been less than civilized, but they are happening all the same. Some in agriculture are deciding that it is better to try and do something to help rather than dig in their heels and fight. Ag Companies are joining them. BASF first launched its Monarch Challenge in 2015. Every year they challenge more farmers to do better in protecting habitat for the winged critters. In 2019, they issued the challenge again, and the results this year were better than expected. Read more

Swine Producers Head Into 2020 With Momentum

(IARN) — Two-thousand-and-nineteen “was a year full of challenges,” said David Herring, president of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). However, Herring believes United States pork producers are in a better environment than they were this time last year. Read more

ASF Makes First Appearance In Indonesia; Growing Outbreak In Poland

(IARN) — The African Swine Fever (ASF) virus continues its relentless march across Asia. Indonesia’s Minister of Agriculture confirms the country’s first outbreak of the virus in the far northwest part of the multi-island nation. The confirmation came on December 12 and wasn’t unexpected as increasing reports of pig deaths have come from that area, as well as several others, since late September. Read more

Iowa DOT To Run B100 In 10 Des Moines Snowplows This Winter

Des Moines, Iowa — (IARN) — Biofuels have had their challenges this year, but they are still pushing the limits of what we thought possible just a few years ago. Science is finding ways to get the most out of biofuels while reducing our dependence on foreign oil and helping the environment. The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) has long been a supporter of biofuels and is going to be running a fleet of ten Des Moines snowplows on B100 blend. Read more

Applications Open For 2020 Iowa Watershed Awards

Statewide Iowa — (IARN) — Do you know an outstanding watershed coordinator in Iowa? These dedicated professionals are key players in advancing and implementing Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS) and Water Quality Initiative (WQI). The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance (IAWA) wants your help in recognizing these individuals. Read more