Trump Imposes Tariffs On Brazil, Argentina

IABRN — President Donald Trump Monday announced new tariffs on Brazil and Argentina, citing harm to U.S. farmers. Trump says the tariffs on steel from Brazil and Argentina are in response to the “devaluation of their currencies.” Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn before departing for the NATO gathering in London, President Trump stated, “Our steel companies will be very happy, and our farmers will be very happy.”

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EU Approves Agreement For U.S. Beef Access To Duty-Free Quota

IABRN — Last Thursday, the European Parliament gave its approval to an agreement reached at the White House back in August. This agreement gives the United States country-specific access to the European Union’s (EU) duty-free high-quality beef quota. This agreement could triple duty-free exports to the EU over the next seven years.

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Weekly Crop Progress And Condition Report

Statewide Iowa — Rain and snow suspended harvest activity and limited other fieldwork across much of Iowa as farmers were held to 3.1 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending December 1, 2019, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. Wet conditions have producers inching toward the finish line as the 2019 harvest nears completion.

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Harbingers Of Death Circling In Rural America

IABRN — There are avian predators whose numbers have increased to the point that many livestock producers are wanting action against black buzzards and other birds of prey who are feeding on their lambs, calves and other animals.

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USMCA, U.S.-China Deals Pushing Forward

Both the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and a phase one agreement of a deal between the U.S. and China appear to be slowly edging forward. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says, “We are within range of a substantially improved agreement for America’s workers. Now, we need to see our progress in writing from the trade representative for a final review.” The Trump Administration says that U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer will provide a written agreement to Congress this week.

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Growth Energy Highlights Ethanol Demand Outside U.S.

Statewide Iowa – (IARN) — Ethanol has been a topic that has definitely had its share of the limelight this past year. We continued to be embroiled in debates over the Renewable Fuels Standard and small refinery exemptions. We finally received a mandate to allow E15 to be sold all year round. However, there is so much more happening with ethanol than that. Let’s look at what has happened internationally.Craig Willis is Senior Vice President of Global Markets for Growth Energy. He says when you consider the United States, China, and Brazil, you account for over 50% of the gasoline consumed on the planet. With the policies in place and being implemented, ethanol is a big deal, globally.

Without the United States and Brazil, there is only a three percent global usage of ethanol. Growth Energy is looking to get that number to ten percent. He says having the three largest fuel markets endorsing the product is key.

Willis says a big misconception they deal with is the worry that countries need to have an ethanol mandate. Willis says Mexico is a prime example of just opening the doors to another choice. He talks about the impact ethanol is having on the gasoline markets there.

Willis says getting a trade deal done with China would be a big boost to ethanol demand.

Willis says Growth energy remains committed to working on telling ethanol’s story around the world. They will continue to work to get American ethanol exported into new and expanding markets.

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