Seasonal Farm Trade Tensions Brewing Between U.S. And Mexico

(IARN) — Despite the goodwill generated after the U.S. and Mexico approved the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, there could be more tensions between the two countries surrounding produce. Mexico responded to a letter from the top U.S. trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, pledging protectionist measures on seasonal farm trade for producers in the politically important states of Florida and Georgia. Mexico says if the U.S. acts in any way against Mexican agricultural imports, it will respond in kind. The Deputy Trade Minister of Mexico says, “If the U.S. government takes any steps of this kind against Mexican agricultural exports, the Mexican government will apply similar measures to U.S. products.” Read more

Coronavirus’ Impact On Phase One Trade Deal

(IARN) — U.S. authorities continue to monitor the Coronavirus outbreak.

Many fear its impact will extend to greater lengths, hindering China’s ability to uphold promises made between the United States and China in a Phase One trade deal. Read more

Magistrate Favors USDA, Beef Councils, In R-CALF Lawsuit

(IARN) — A decision in lawsuit against the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and multiple state beef checkoff’s favor the federal programs. The lawsuit, filed by R-CALF, claims there is a lack of oversight in state beef councils. However, a magistrate decision sided with USDA and the state organizations earlier this week. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association CEO Collin Woodall says the decision “was a crucial step toward ensuring state beef councils retain the important ability to direct their investments at the grassroots level.” Read more

Secretary Perdue Encouraged By Discussions With European Union

(IARN) — U.S. officials continue their pursuit to balance trade with Europe.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue concluded recent overseas travel. Secretary Perdue this week met with his European counterparts to discuss important issues facing agriculture at home and abroad. Read more