NCBA CEO responds to OFF Act

IARN — Lawmakers last week introduced the Opportunities for Fairness in Farming, or OFF Act, which is aimed at reforming the federal checkoff system. However, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s CEO Colin Woodall said this about attacking the beef industry, not checkoff reform. Read more

Farm incomes look to slow further in Q2 of this year

IARN — After a few years of riding higher, the agriculture industry is seeing signs of slowing down. We aren’t immune to this trend, as the whole economy is experiencing negative pressures currently. Farmers know that the costs of inputs are higher, prices of grains are getting lower, and it is tightening our bottom line. Read more

Animal disease preparedness a “must have” for farm bill

IARN — A strong farm safety net is a concern that has been voiced by nearly all areas of agriculture as a “must have” for the 2023 Farm Bill. Livestock industry leaders say that animal disease preparedness is another “must have” for the next farm bill. Read more