Instead of cutting costs, try investing in inputs

IARN — As the crop season gets fully underway, farmers are often thinking about profitability. But when it comes to profitability, some farmers look for ways to cut costs instead of ways to make more money. Cost cutting isn’t necessarily the best place to look, though, especially when it comes to inoculants. Kurt Seevers, technical development manager for Verdesian, said farmers should consider investing in inputs like inoculants to focus on maximizing their return on investment. Read more

Corteva offering two herbicide options this year

IARN — In the mission of continuous innovation, Corteva is bringing not one, but two herbicides to the market this year. Kelly White, U.S. corn product manager with Corteva, said they’re excited to offer both the familiar Resicore XL and the new Kyro herbicide. Read more

Black Sea Grain Deal extended

IARN — The Black Sea Grain Deal was extended this week for another two months. Veronica Nigh, American Farm Bureau Federation Senior Economist, said the agreement allows Ukraine to export commodities vital to global food security. Read more

Rising costs for 2023 Farm Bill

IARN — The 2023 Farm Bill will be the first in history to cost over $1 trillion. John Newton is the chief economist for the Senate Agriculture Committee and he spoke at a recent Agri-Pulse webinar on the state of the farm bill. Newton says a lot of the cost increase comes from more money for SNAP benefits. Read more