Land values rising, especially in Iowa

IARN — One of the biggest questions farmers are asking is what their land rent rates will be next year. With higher land values, farmers are expecting rent to be the next big input cost increase in an uncertain time. As farmers are working to lock in other inputs such as fertilizers and seeds for 2023, they really need to know how many acres they will be farming before they can start. Read more

International trips are important for promoting pork

IARN — During international trips focused on the pork industry’s international market development strategy, pork producers have the opportunity to experience other countries and cultures firsthand. It is also an important opportunity for real-world input on U.S. Pork. Their in-market presence brings the awareness of U.S. pork’s sustainability commitment along with other key priorities for the industry. Read more

SCN Coalition partners with Valent for SCN Root Check

IARN — We have talked about Soybean Cyst Nematodes at length for many years now, and we are still dealing with a pest that is robbing yields and becoming more tolerant to the weapons we must use to fight them. The SCN Coalition has been working hard to keep producers in the know when it comes to what the forecasts are for nematodes every year, what indicators we saw last fall, and how to get ahead of these pesky critters. Read more

Skimping on grain bin safety is the difference between life and death

IARN — As we head into the late summer, it is customary for grain bins to be getting cleaned out in preparation for the upcoming harvest. Also, we will be filling those bins back up in a few short weeks. We talk at length about staying safe in the bins and things you need to understand before you go inside. Read more

Ag land market will be active during the fall

IARN — Early indications are suggesting that land auction activity will be good both before and after the harvest in 2022. Farmers National Company says land sales typically slow during the spring and early summer. However, the rate of late summer and fall auctions getting scheduled with Farmers National Company is picking up rapidly. The overall number of sales and amount of land sold from now through the end of the year likely won’t equal the very active land market at the end of 2021. Read more

Droughts bring even tougher decisions for cattle producers

IARN — Raising livestock isn’t a simple task. There are a lot of factors that producers have to consider every day, like feed, shelter, water, weather, and even pests and predators. One other factor is nigh-unavoidable: the heat. There’s only so much you can do to protect a herd of cattle from sweltering heat, and you have to worry about how you’re going to get enough feed when the plants and forage are struggling too. As a result, cattle producers often have to make the difficult choice to cull some of their herd. Read more