John Deere Bike

For sale, call 909.786.9038, Orange City, Iowa


Ammo for sale in NW Iowa 5.56, 22 LR, 22 WMR (magnum)

5.56: Military grade “green tip” with nato marks, Federal 62 gr, steel core light armor piercing FMJ (lake City mfg.) Have several thousand rounds available.
.22 long Rifle: Winchester 36 gr. copper coated hollow points, various box sizes.
.22 Magnum WMR CCI Maxi-Mag 40 gr. JHP (Troy Landry swamp people packaging) 200 rds per brick.
45 long Colt; Winchester silver tip 225 grain hollow points (2) boxes of 20 rounds each.
Ammo is being sold by the brick/box, except the 5.56 that is by the round.
PH 712-737-3462 between 4-7 evenings anytime on weekends.


Great for waiting room, man cave, family room.
$50.00 each or 4 for $150.00
call 712-548-6068

Pooh Bank

Text 7123241500


Fill The Box

Fill the box garage sale. Whatever fits in the box shown in these pictures is $25.00! Doesn’t matter if it sticks out of the box or not. One money, everything shown! Text 712-324-1500

Garden Tools

$25 for the set

Call or text