Electrical Bundle

$15 for the lot
2 light timers – one is just adjustable down to 1 hour increments and the other is on off at dusk/dawn (light sensor) or adjustable in 2 hour increments
Extension cord reel, I had 75′ on it easily (one leg has a cracked piece but still winds fine.)
Misc – 3 plug adapter, 2 socket plugs, 1 pigtail socket, handful of wire twists, ~ 50 14″ zip ties
1 wire crimping tool
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$50.00 for the entire lot as shown below

1 metric set 10-19 mm
2 standard sets (one is Craftsman and the other is Master Mechanic) 3/8 to 7/8″
1 deep wall set 3/8 to 7/8 (9/16 is missing) & includes one spark plug socket
1 hex key and screwdriver bit set
2 ratchets (one is Craftsman, the other is Master Mechanic swivel head)
Speed wrench, nut driver, extensions
1/4-3/8 adapters and drill head to socket adapter
Al sockets and ratchets are 3/8″ drive
2 adjustable wrenches
Several hammers, 2 mallets, and a 3 lb maul
Trowel and masonry chisel
9″ pipe wrench and copper tubing cutter
Hex key set
Bench Top tool box with cord winder. One drawer on the tool box has some damage but still works.

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Painter Bundle

$25 for the entire lot of items below:
2 Rollers
2 pad applicators (with pads)
concrete patch unopened
quake wax (for securing items in place)
2 paint scrapers
2 putty knives
1 drywall taping knife
grout forming tool
tack cloth in package unopened
2′ to 4′ extension pole
Frog painters tape
drywall mesh tape
aerosol paint can gun applicator
wallpaper scoring tools and scrapers
2 paint can openers.

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Gardening Bundle

$25.00 for the entire lot.

The bundle includes the following:
Extendable loppers Corona brand, blade is in excellent condition. Will extend handles up to 34″
2 Corona hand pruners with three scabbards
Hand gardening spade and hand cultivator
Long handle cultivator
Round up wick wand
Two spools of string line trimmer cord
Hand grass seed spreader
3 Coco fiber basket liners for 12 baskets
1 balling spade
1 knife for cutting landscape fabric

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