Four Northwest Iowa Men Arrested In Sioux County In Two Incidents

Three Hull men were arrested after a dispute on Friday (4/2).

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that investigated an assault complaint that occurred at 1312 Fourth Street in Hull. During the investigation it was found that a dispute had occurred over property lines and led to the assaults. 33-year-old Todd De Jong, 45-year-old Nicolas Delangel‐Zaguirre, and 20-year-old Nicolas Delangel‐Loera, all of Hull were each arrested and charged with trespassing and assault, simple misdemeanors.

A George man was arrested early on Sunday near Alton on two charges.

A Sioux County Deputy arrested 23-year-old Aaron Mick of George, for driving with a suspended driver’s license and possession of drug paraphernalia, both simple misdemeanors.

The arrest stemmed from a traffic stop that occurred four miles south of Alton on Highway 60. During the traffic stop, the deputy found that Mick’s license was suspended. Upon further investigation, the deputy also found Mick to be in possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sioux Center Man Charged With Harassment After Harassing Emails Were Sent

A Sioux Center man has been charged with harassment after another person reported receiving harassing emails.

The Sioux County Sheriff reports they received information stating that an individual had allegedly sent threatening emails to another person. During the investigation it was found that 46-year-old Bernard Schoep had allegedly sent the
threatening emails on March 24 and March 27.

On Thursday (4/5), the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office charged Schoep for harassment in the 3rd degree, a simple misdemeanor.

Sheldon Police Department Requesting Help From Public

The Sheldon Police Department is requesting help from the public regarding an accident that occurred during the morning hours of March 16th in Sheldon.

Probably because of the dense fog that morning, an unknown vehicle struck the rear of a dark green 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix that was parked on the street in the 900 Block of Sixth Street.

The Grand Prix was a total loss as a result of the accident.  The vehicle that struck the Grand Prix left the scene and has not yet been located.

Officers are requesting help from the public in locating this unknown vehicle. Officers did recover paint chips from the scene, which show that the vehicle that caused the accident was either a charcoal gray/dark purplish color.

If anyone has any information regarding this accident, please contact the Sheldon Police Department at 712-324-2525. Your information will remain anonymous.

Rock Valley Man Charged With Harassment After Harassing Phone Calls

A Rock Valley man has been arrested on charges connected to a series of harassing phone calls made in March.

On Sunday, March 11 at 1:23 a.m. the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office investigated a complaint of harassing phone calls made to a Rock Valley resident. During the phone calls it was found that a threat was made to commit a forcible felony against the victim.

On April 1, the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office completed the investigation. It was found that 48-year-old Harold Hulstein of Rock Valley, had allegedly made the threatening phone calls on March 11. Hulstein was arrested and was charged with Harassment, 1st degree, an aggravated Misdemeanor.

Minnesota Man Arrested After Incident In Melvin

A Minnesota man has been arrested on several charges after an incident in Melvin on Sunday (4/1).

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call about a domestic disturbance at a residence in Melvin. Twenty-two-year-old Nicholas James Fink of Buffalo, MN was arrested for allegedly committing an Assault, Domestic Abuse Assault, and Interference with Official Acts, all Simple Misdemeanors; and Assault on a Peace Officer, a Serious Misdemeanor. Fink was booked into the Osceola County Jail on a $1,900 cash bond.

Emergency Crews Respond To Injury Accident In Sheldon

Sheldon emergency crews and the Boyden Ambulance were called to the scene of an injury accident on Wednesday afternoon.

The call went out at about 3:25 PM. The accident was located at the intersection of Highway 18 and Country Club Road in eastern Sheldon.

Responding to the call were the Boyden Ambulance and SCAT crews, as well as Sheldon Fire, Police, and Emergency Management.

Two victims were transported.

Highway 18 was limited to one-way traffic for 30 minutes