Risefest Is This Weekend In Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — Today is the beginning of Risefest 2015 . The annual Christian Music Festival is always a big draw to Sheldon.
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We had a chance to talk to Rob Roozeboom, founder and CEO of Rise Ministries, the group behind Risefest. He tells us today (Friday, June 19th) is a big day.

Roozeboom says Saturday, June 20th will be even bigger.

Again, Risefest is today and tomorrow, June 19th and 20th in Sheldon.

You can keep up with Risefest on the Rise Ministries Facebook page.

Plus, don’t forget to check out the Risefest cam on the front page of our site.
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Wages Set for Sheldon City Employees

City of SheldonSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council met Wednesday, June 17th and approved wages for the 2015 – 2016 fiscal year. Wages were approved as listed below:

Name                               Position                                        Hour/Monthly Rate

Keith Vanderaager      Water Superintendent                $5,161.06

Eric Meinecke               Water Operator                           $22.09

Dean Paulson               Wastewater Superintendent     $5,161.70

Heith Hofmeyer           Wastewater Operator                 $21.33

Roy Johannes               Wastewater Operator                 $22.09

Dave Van Beest            Street Superintendent                $5,161.41

Lyle Frohwein              Street Maintenance                     $21.37

Brice Mosier                 Street Maintenance                     $21.37

Craig Wahlstrom         Street Maintenance                      $21.37

Luke Sietstra               Street Maintenance                       $21.37

Rick Kobbe                  Cemettery Sextant/Water            $21.37

Lyle Bolkema               Police Chief                                   $5,828.91

Scott De Goei               Police Officer                                $4,390.04

Todd Wood                   Police Officer                                $4,390.04

Brian Wielenga            Police Officer                                 $4,390.04

David Dykstra              Police Officer                                 $4,390.04

Rob Hegenbarth          Police Officer                                $4,390.04

David Lich                     Police Officer                                $4,390.04

Elaine Boogerd           Administrative Asst.                      $15.85

Joshua Nollmeyer      Asst Recreation Director               $2,188.75

Jacob Kerr                   Recreation Director                       $3,132.93

Curt Strouth               Community Dev Director              $5,493.34

Angela Beckman        City Clerk/Treasurer                      $5,364.59

Pat Meester                Deputy Clerk                                  $2,977.26

Marie Kruger             Secreterial/Receptionist                $2,231.67

Sara Lang                   Receptionist                                    $2,435.77

Todd Uhl                    Public Works Director                    $6,004.30

Scott Wynja               City Manager                                   $8,350.73

Sheldon Man To Participate In The Great Race

Sheldon, Iowa — A man from a local manufacturing company is going to be participating in a classic car race spanning several states.
Officials at ROME Ltd. say that Mike Weaver of ROME Ltd. and longtime friend and business partner of 30+ years from ROME Canada, Charles Metcalf will be participating in The Great Race. Weaver, fondly called the Emperor, and Metcalf, the Navigator will begin The Great Race Saturday, June 20, 2015 in Kirkwood, MO. Although this is Weaver and Metcalf’s first time participating in The Great Race he (Weaver) said “it is not about winning but spending time with friends doing what you love”.

Team ROME is comprised five members of ROME Ltd. and ROME Canada. They have all worked tirelessly for over twelve months to create the Emperor’s truck, plan, and prepare for the big event. They all look forward to competing over the next several days.

According to information from The Great Race, Weaver and Metcalf will be driving a 1948 Chevy pickup.

About The Great Race- The Great Race is a motor race across the USA originally for pre-World War II vehicles. The Great Race was started in 1983 by two car enthusiasts Tom McRae and Norman Miller. Registration is limited to only 120 vehicles each year and participants enter from all over the world. The Great Race route changes all the time and uses mainly scenic routes as pre-World War II vehicles are not meant for the Interstate. Many teams are comprised of long-time friendships, such as Weaver and Metcalf from ROME, Ltd. and ROME, Canada. Some teams even are husband and wife duos. Either way many new friendships among like-minded people are formed every year as a result of preparing and participating in The Great Race.

The Great Race 2015- The Great Race runs June 20-28, 2015. All vehicles must be pre-1972 to participate. This year The Great Race starts in Kirkwood, Missouri and will travel west along scenic Route 66 ending in Sunny Santa Monica, California. There will sure to be many beautiful sunsets and shared memories between friends along this journey. The route this year will have nine overnight and nine lunch city stops spanning seven states. Many people turn out to welcome the participants and see the unique vehicles.

Follow along with The Great Race, Team ROME, the Emperor, and his Navigator with up-to-dates on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

ROME Ltd. is a locally-owned company and is an industry leader in the manufacturing of meat grinders.

ROME ltd. Facebook page:


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To learn more about The Great Race go to:


Manasil Requests New Trial; Arrest Of Judgement

Primghar, Iowa — The owner of the former Buddz’s and Rec Bowl building in Sheldon, who was convicted in May of arson and insurance fraud — has requested a new trial.
Kristina Manasil was convicted in a jury trial that concluded on May 6th, 2015. Her attorney, John Keith Rigg, filed a motion for a new trial and arrest of judgement this week.

Among other arguments, the defense argues that the jury should not have been instructed that they may find alternate factual theories of guilt. The defense says that the instruction allowed for a non-unanimous jury verdict in violation of both the Federal and Iowa Constitutions.

Assistant Iowa Attorney General Coleman McAllister says that in essence, in her motion for new trial, Manasil claims that the Court should order a new trial on two grounds: First, the defense attacks several of the Court’s rulings that were made during trial and secondly, they claim that factually the jury’s verdict was contrary to the weight of the evidence.

McAllister says that the Court will likely hear the motion for new trial immediately prior to the sentencing hearing, which has been rescheduled to July 6th at 11 AM.

Click here for the full text of the motion.

Sheldon Council Approves Land Sale, Water Rate Hike

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met Wednesday they approved the vacating of a narrow strip of land on the West side of Prairie Trail Road and the sale of the property to Lary and Vivian Rosenboom. They also gave their final approval to a new water and sewer ordinance, which will result in an average rate increase of three percent to all users of these services.
Council Chambers
The council also approved Pay Estimate Number Three on the Airport Runway Lighting Project. City manager Scott Wynja reported that this project was completed ahead of schedule, but there still will be a ‘fly-over‘ test of the system by the FAA.

Govenor Branstad Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad

Des Moines, IA – Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has requested a major disaster event declaration from United States President Barack Obama in response to the avian flu outbreak in Iowa. Over 33 million birds in Iowa have been affected by the deadly virus. The request is being made for Buena Vista, Sioux, Webster and Wright counties, but additional counties may be added to the request as additional losses are identified.

Branstad is requesting the following:

1. Unemployment Assistance, Crisis Counseling, Disaster Case Management, and Disaster Legal Services, as well as any other Stafford Act programs appropriate for those who have lost employment and income as a result of the HPAI outbreak for Buena Vista, Sioux, Webster and Wright counties.

2. Allow the Federal Highway Administration to issue a tonnage waiver on the state’s federal aid roadways, such as Interstates 29 and 35. This waiver would accelerate the disposal process and reduce the likelihood of spreading HPAI while transporting poultry to disposal sites.

Branstad says, “With a disaster of this magnitude adversely affecting Iowa farmers, producers and the workers they employ, I am requesting federal assistance from President Obama and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.”

He goes on to say, “Unemployment assistance from the federal government, in addition to efforts already occurring inside our state, will help displaced workers. In addition, issuing a tonnage waiver will allow for efficient disposal and cleanup of affected sites. Given the unprecedented nature of this disaster, it is my hope that the President will expedite this request to provide federal assistance as soon as possible.”