RiseFest Founder Tells Why Festival Needed To Move, Says Organizers Are Excited About It

RiseFest pic300Sheldon, Iowa — Earlier this week we told you that Sheldon’s outdoor Christian music festival — RiseFest had found a new home.

RiseFest is going to be on the west side of Country Club road, on 66 and a half acres across the road from O’Brien County Implement. The land is being farmed right now.

We had a chance to visit with RiseFest founder and president Rob Roozeboom, and he tells us why the festival had to move from their previous location, behind Taco Johns in Sheldon Crossing.

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Roozeboom says it’s actually good news because they now have an agreement locked in for five years in Sheldon, and the new land gives them room for expansion.  He says they’ll also get a chance to leave some of the festival infrastructure in place from year to year. However, that does mean more work in the next year.

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He says negotiations are already in full swing with Christian artists for RiseFest 2014.

NCC Officials: NCC Levy Question On School Ballot Is Routine Levy, Not Bond Issue

vote voting ballotSheldon, Iowa — There’s a school election coming up on Tuesday (September 10, 2013). Some voters will be voting on school board members and other issues, but one issue on everyone’s ballot if they live in the Northwest Iowa Community College service area is the matter of levy renewal.

NCC president, Dr. Aletha Stubbe says this is not a new tax in any way.

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College spokesperson Kristin Kollbaum gives us a little background.

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Dr. Stubbe says this is basic funding for the school that covers day-to-day operations.

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Kollbaum gives us an idea of the amount of the tax.

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Dr. Stubbe echoes Kollbaum’s words and reminds northwest Iowans that this is NOT the bond issue that they’ve been trying to push — this is for the basic needs of the college.

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Stubbe says that the funds from this levy have basically allowed the college to stay open, and they could not function without these funds.

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She says it does NOT go to pay teacher salaries. Stubbe reminds northwest Iowans that NCC is a integral part of the community.

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Hours at the polls on Tuesday will be from noon to 8 PM in Lyon and Osceola Counties, and from 7 AM to 8 PM in O’Brien and Sioux Counties. For more information, you can call NCC, your school district office, or your county auditor.

Sheldon City Council Approves Amendment to Agreement with SCDC

New-Sheldon-SignRecently the Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation and City of Sheldon approved an agreement which would make the Development Director a city employee.

Under the agreement the Director would be responsible to both the City and SCDC.   After the agreement was approved, concerns were voiced about how differences of opinion between the City and SCDC would be handled.   At their meeting Wednesday the City Council approved an amendment to the original memorandum of understanding.  Under this amendment if there is a disagreement between the City and SCDC each entity will select two representatives and together the four selected representatives will serve as a resolution committee.  If that committee cannot agree and the two entities cannot agree, it would go to an arbitrator.  The SCDC Board is also expected to approve the amendment.

In other business the Council set September 19th as the date for a public hearing on vacating the alley on the South side of Iowa State Bank and discussed the possibility of imposing weight limits on Country Club Road traffic.  It’s still not clear if the City has the power to do this since it is a Farm to Market Road, so no action was taken.  Council member Ron Rensink said that most of the complaints he has heard are not about weight, but about the length of the tractor-trailers, and the blatant disregard for the stop sign at the intersection with 9th Street.  It was also noted that the sign on Highway 60 indicates there are full services at the Country Club Road exit.  Council members felt this is misleading and results in unnecessary traffic on Country Club Road.  No action was taken until more information becomes available.

The council also heard from Pete Hamil representing the Moonlite Crewzers who hold their Cruise Night each year on the Sunday night before Labor Day.  Hamil  expressed concerns about the lack of law enforcement to stop illegal activity which is not condoned by the Crewzers.  We’ll have more on that story on later newscasts.

Hull Woman Arrested On Assault And Child Endangerment Charges

Law Enforcement Lightbar redHull, Iowa — A Hull woman was arrested on assault and child endangerment charges after an altercation on Monday.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 6:40 PM, their deputies investigated a report of assault a home in Hull.

Upon further investigation, deputies determined that 29-year-old Sonia Garza-Carrizalez of Hull went onto the property of another person and confronted them. During the confrontation, Garza assaulted the other person in the presence of five children under the age of 10.

Garza was arrested on charges of assault and child endangerment.

No medical attention was required for the assault victim or any of the children who were present during the assault.

The sheriff’s office was assisted at by the Iowa State Patrol.

Running Out Of Gas Results In Underage Alcohol Arrest

drunk driving OWI DWI iStockIreton, Iowa — Running out of gas was more then just an inconvenience for a Hawarden man. He got arrested too.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Sunday, September 1, at 2:15 AM, they investigated a report of a disabled vehicle parked on the roadway at the intersection of 470th Street and Dipper Avenue, two miles west of Ireton.

Upon further investigation, they determined that 20-year-old Dillon Woodard of Hawarden was driving a 2007 Dodge Charger when it ran out of fuel and stalled on the roadway. The deputy suspected that Woodard was under the influence of alcohol and determined that he was in possession of alcohol illegally.

Woodard was arrested for Second offense operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and cited for underage possession of alcohol.

The sheriff’s office was assisted by the Hawarden Police Department.

Sheldon Could Abandon Lewis and Clark Water Project

lewis & clark water towerThe Lewis and Clark Water Project was a main topic of discussion at Wednesday’s Sheldon City Council meeting.  City Manager Scott Wynja reported on concerns about the future of the project which is basically on hold because the Federal Government has not met their share of the funding.  The problem became more of an issue when congress banned ‘earmarks’, a process whereby members of Congress could add their favorite projects to the federal budget.  However, that legislation also banned earmarks for projects that had already been approved by congress.  This leaves Lewis and Clark without the funding they need to expand to communities such as Sheldon, Hull, Worthington and Luverne.

Wynja explained that the Lewis and Clark agreement provides for the use of the “Capital Call” approach.  Under this provision. the Board of Directors could issue a capital call to members in order to fund construction for the upcoming fiscal year that is not anticipated to be covered by federal or state appropriations.  A vote is scheduled for October 24th which if approved, would call on the member communities to raise $18.4 million dollars to extend the pipeline to Luverne, Minnesota.  Sheldon’s share of this would be seven hundred thousand dollars.  Federal funding, if it becomes available, would be used first to repay members for their capital call payment, without interest.  This idea was not met with favor by the Sheldon Council and they voted to instruct Wynja to vote against the capital call.  Wynja said that had been his intention as well.

The idea of Sheldon leaving Lewis and Clark was discussed.   Under the Lewis and Clark rules, a member could ask to have the System declared abandoned which would trigger a reconstitution of the Corporation among its eleven connected members while some or all of the unconnected members could be forced out, receiving only the return of their actual cash investment.  Sheldon’s investment already totals over two million dollars.  Some council members expressed the possibility of taking this route before October 24th to avoid the possibility of having to pay another seven hundred thousand dollars.  Wynja will confer with the City Attorney and Lewis and Clark Attorney on this matter.

One other possibility is to go to the State of Iowa for the money needed to complete the project in Iowa, with that money being paid back by Federal Funds if they ever become available.  A plan of this type is being seriously discussed in Minnesota.

Another possibility for Sheldon is a connection with the Lyon/Sioux Rural water system.  Wynja told the council that discussions with their system continue, as they are open to talking about all options.

In the meantime, Sheldon continues to depend a great deal on hard water from the deep well for much of its water as there has not been enough rain to recharge the shallow wells.  And the City of Hull is looking for an additional water supply to make it possible for the cheese plant to go ahead with expansion of their facilities.

We’ll have more Sheldon City Council News on KIWA’S Friday news reports.