Sheldon Council Discuss Plethora Of Issues At Wednesday Meeting

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met Wednesday they were asked to act on a number of cases regarding zoning regulations.  The proposed ordinance change regarding first floor residence use of buildings in the downtown district again brought up some discussion. The first item was a further clarification of the requirement to provide two parking places for residential use.  These cannot be on public parking, but it was agreed  that leased parking on private property would be allowed.  Darrell Burns, a member of the Board of Adjustment questioned the role they would play in allowing or refusing requests that come before their Board.  The City Attorney will advise them of the proper procedures.  Then, the zoning ordinance change was moved on to its third reading at the next council meeting.

The council gave final approval to an ordinance requiring residents to use the new type waste containers, and also approved the change in recycling pickup schedules.  They also gave their approval to a new ordinance section pertaining to operating budget preparation. The matter of rezoning the former County Shed property at 1220 2nd Avenue  was passed by waiving the second and third reading.  The Zoning Ordinance change pertaining to 2nd floor residential use in areas zoned Arterial Commercial was passed on to its second reading at the next council meeting.

The council once again discussed the possible merger of the two city employee unions, but took no action.  According to City Manager Sam Kooiker, this would likely trigger a meeting of the State Public Employee Relations Board with at least 75 legal hours. Later Public Works Director Todd Uhl stressed the need to keep the employees in mind, and make sure ‘everyone is treated fairly’.

In other action, they gave their approval to the Sheldon Airports five year Capital Improvement Plan after a  lengthy discussion. A recent safety inspection brought up the FAA requirement that all newly rehabilitated and reconstructed runways need to be able to see a five foot object from either end of the runway or have a parallel taxiway.  Since the far end of the Sheldon Airport runway is at a lower elevation, there is often danger of a collision if one plane is taking off and cannot see that another is landing.   The airport Commission recommends the purchase of land in planning for a parallel taxiway.  The other request was the purchase of a self serve fuel pump.  Most capital improvements for the Airport qualify for ninety percent federal funding.   It was reported that according to Iowa D.O.T. Literature the airport generates an annual economic activity of one million dollars to the Sheldon Business community. They have nearly one hundred medical flights each year.

The Council went into closed session to discuss an offer from the Iowa D.O.T. to sell a 3.62 acre of land near Highway 60 and 330th Street for nine thousand dollars.   The Council voted to decline the offer.

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