Senate Panel Approves Medicaid Work Requirements

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — Six of seven Republicans on an Iowa Senate committee have endorsed a plan to require more of the Iowans getting health care benefits through Medicaid to work or volunteer in their community. Read more

Lawmakers Abandon Plan To Let Utilities Charge New Solar Panel Fees

Statewide Iowa — A bill that would have allowed utilities to charge extra fees to Iowans with solar panels has been changed to simply authorize a study of solar power in the state. The original version passed the Iowa Senate last year, but couldn’t get enough votes in the House. A compromise that has emerged would launch a study within the next seven years of how solar users affect the electric grid. THEN lawmakers could decide whether utilities should be allowed to charge extra fees. Read more

Government Mandates Mean Changes At VNU

Sheldon, Iowa — As the result of two new government mandates, there will be some changes in the way Village Northwest Unlimited delivers some of the services their clients. Read more

Panel Approves $750,000 Cap On ‘Pain & Suffering’ Awards In Medical Deaths

Statewide Iowa — Republicans on a Senate committee have voted to place new limits in medical malpractice cases that involve the death of a patient. A bill that cleared a Senate committee this week would set 750-thousand dollars as the new cap on so-called “non-economic” damages that a family, children or spouses could receive. Read more

Effort Continues To Educate About The 2020 Census

Statewide Iowa — The 2020 census will begin with a mailing starting in mid-March. Census Bureau spokesperson Maureen Schriner says it’s important that everyone looks for and completes the census form to be counted. Schriner says the census determines our legislative representation and also determines how much money communities get from the federal government. Read more