NCC Health Information Technology Students Take Part in “Valentines for Veterans” Program

Pictured: Front row (l to r): Sara Reuter and Katlyn Moeler. Second Row (l to r): Krystal Nelson, Jill Hatting, Stephanie Lonning, Dawn Joffer. One additional HIT student assisting with the Valentine project, but not included in the picture is Jackie Vande Griend.
Front row (l to r): Sara Reuter and Katlyn Moeler.
Second Row (l to r): Krystal Nelson, Jill Hatting, Stephanie Lonning, Dawn Joffer.
One additional HIT student assisting with the Valentine project, but not included in the picture is
Jackie Vande Griend.
Sheldon, Iowa — A hundred Veterans at the VA Hospital in Sioux Falls and a hundred active-duty soldiers will be feeling the love from Northwest Iowa this Valentines Day.

MariBeth Lane, the advisor for the Health Information Technology Club at Northwest Iowa Community
College says the club has a tradition of participating in the “Valentines for Veterans” program.

She tells us a little about the club.

Lane tells us about the program.

She says they’ve also taken it a step further.

The current active-duty Army soldier who is the brother of one of the HIT students was asked to share those 100 Valentines with his “brothers in arms” in recognition of the students’ gratitude for their past, present, and future service to our country.

HIT club president Sara Reuter of George says she’s proud to share the love with veterans this Valentine’s Day.

On a related note, Reuter tells us that the fundraisers that they have done recently have helped their club to be able to take a trip to Des Moines for the Iowa Health Information Management Association meeting.

She says the meeting is an annual conference where members get together to share and learn.

Fieldcrest Executive Director Talks About Expansion Plans

fieldcrest assisted living 02Sheldon, Iowa — Fieldcrest Assisted Living on Sheldon’s east side is expanding.

We had a chance to visit with Fieldcrest Executive Director Cal Diekmann recently. He gave us a little background about the assisted living facility.

Diekmann tells us about Fieldcrest’s expansion plan.

He says the expansion plans will not disrupt any of their current residents.

Diekmann tells us how the idea to expand got started.

Diekmann says that it will take six to nine months to finish the work, and they expect it to be done before the end of the year.

The Sheldon Planning and Zoning Commission has approved both the preliminary plat and final plat of Trilogy Village, which will be near Fieldcrest. The city will install the infrastructure to Fieldcrest and to the area owned by the city, where the City of Sheldon will develop approximately sixteen lots.

Hartley Man Arrested, Charged With Failure To Report Accident In Royal

ClaySheriff DinkyRoyal, Iowa — A Hartley man was arrested and jailed after an incident in Royal.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office reports that they received a report of a hit-and-run accident with damage to a building on Tuesday, February 5th. They say that Becky Smoot of Royal reported her shed in the backyard by the alley had been struck by a vehicle and had a hole in it.

After an investigation, Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 20-year-old Kyle Frederick of Hartley in connection with the incident. He was arrested on Tuesday morning (2/12). Deputies charged him with Failure to Report an Accident.

Deputies found out that on or around February 5th, Frederick backed his truck into the wall of Smoot’s shed and left the scene.

Frederick was placed under arrest and was transported to the Clay County Jail. He was also charged with No Proof of Insurance (Accident Related).

Frederick was held in jail to appear before the magistrate.

Sheldon Police Reports Another Theft From Unlocked Vehicle

Sheldon pd sheild dinkySheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon police are reporting yet another theft from an unlocked vehicle.

They took a report on Wednesday morning (2/13) from a man on Fourth Avenue that he had parked his vehicle in the driveway Tuesday night around 7:30 or 8 PM. On Wednesday morning he reported that two CD wallets and some change were missing from his unlocked vehicle.

The police are investigating.

Rock Rapids Chamber Report Features New Jewelry Store, Musical, Farm & Home Show, Job Fair, And More

Rock Rapids East Tower 2008 smaller picRock Rapids, Iowa — It’s time for our monthly report from the Rock Rapids Chamber. We talked to Rock Rapids Chamber Director Angie Jager recently. We discussed meetings and promotions, the grand opening of a new jewelry store, a musical being presented by the River Valley Players, Eggs and Issues, the Farm and Home Show coming up on March 14th, a job fair coming up in April, and more.

Click the play button below to hear the chamber report.

You can get more information by going to or by calling the Chamber at 712-472-3456.

Poll Examines Technology Use By Farmers

computerDes Moines, Iowa — A survey by the Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll shows around 70-percent of farmers in the state use some type of technology that gives them access to the internet. The co-director of the poll, J. (Jay) Arbuckle Junior, says the 2012 results mirror what they found in 2011. But, he says there’s an increasing use of mobile devices compared to desktop computers to access the internet.

(as he says) “We found that about 11-percent of farmers are using smartphones…and we found about 10-percent used a tablet computer,” Arbuckle says. Arbuckle, an I-S-U extension sociologist, says they were particularly interested in the use of the mobile devices after several other polls showed a relatively high number of farmers were using them.

(as he says) “We thought that some of those numbers were a little bit high and that maybe the fact that these surveys were done over the internet might bias their results toward the farmers that tend to use technology. So we wanted to take a look at the Iowa farmer population and see if the results were similar or different,” Arbuckle explains. “And what we found was that — at least we believe — that some of the on-line surveys overstate the use of some of these technologies.”

Arbuckle cautions, however, that the Iowa Farm Poll, is a panel study that surveys the same farmers each year and is somewhat biased toward older farmers. He says they found that those older farmers are less likely to use the new types of technology.

(as he says) Arbuckle says among farmers that are under age 50, about 26-percent are using smarphones, compared to just about six percent of those over the age of 65. He says the results are the same for tablets, as about 15-percent of farmers under the age of 50 says they use them, while that drops down to eight-percent for those over 65.

Arbuckle says they found the larger the farm, the more likely they are to used the mobile devices. One thing that still stands out is the availability of high-speed service.

(as he says) “There are a lot of farmers in the rural areas that do have high-speed — but for example last year when we put out our report and reported that 70-some percent had internet — I had several people call me to let me know that in their corner of Iowa, there was no access to high-speed internet,” Arbuckle says. “So, we also have to recognize that although a lot of people do have access, there are several people who do not. And that’s important to know.”

You can find out more about the poll at the Iowa State Extension Sociology website at:

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