O’Brien County Deputy Assaulted During Call In Sutherland

O'BrienSheriff obriensheriff O'Brien SheriffSutherland, Iowa — According to officials with the Sutherland Police Department, an O’Brien County Sheriff’s Deputy was assaulted in an incident on Tuesday, January 8.

The Sutherland and Paullina Police Departments share their duty schedule, and at the time of the incident, the Paullina Police were on duty.

The Paullina Police Department reports that about 6:30 that evening, their officer and an O’Brien County Sheriff’s deputy investigated a report of a disturbance at a residence in Sutherland.

As a result of the investigation, 31-year-old Joshua Stanley of Paullina was arrested for OWI, Carrying Weapons, and Assault on a Peace Officer.

Parking and Bump-outs Hot Topics at Sheldon City Council Meeting

SheldonThe Downtown Infrastructure project was back on the agenda for  Wednesday’s Sheldon City Council meeting.

The council reviewed and discussed a proposed schedule of activity presented by a representative of McClure Engineering.  The first event will be a fifty percent Design Review to be held on February 18th. Much of the council discussion centered on the bump-outs which are being planned for the downtown intersections.  Duane Seehusen voiced his opposition to the bump-outs and questioned how many parking spaces would be lost because of them.  The engineer said he didn’t know the answer, but Public Works Director Todd Uhl  said according to his calculations they would lose 22 parking spots.  Ron Rensink brought up the problem of clearing the snow around the bump-outs.  The engineer defended the design stating that pedestrian safety would be enhanced because the amount of time they would  be exposed to traffic would be decreased.  He also said that the bump-outs would provide easier use by people who are handicapped. After some discussion he was asked if they could be made smaller and agreed to study that possibility.

Council member Brad Hindt mentioned several times that more parking spaces would be available if  Sheldon’s two hour Parking Law was enforced.  Adding that many of the parking spaces are taken by store owners and employees.  Mayor Meendering agreed, stating that she has seen cars  parked in the same location for as long as twelve hours.  She and Police Chief Bolkema agreed to discuss how this parking rule could be enforced.

The council also heard the annual Auditors Report with Tom Hendrickson of Winther, Stave and Company who called it a ‘clean’  report with no findings of  non-compliance. And, they set February 20th as the date for a public hearing on changes in the Urban Renewal Plan and January 29th as the tentative date for a budget session.

Sheldon School Board Receives Initial Union Contract Proposal For 2013/14 At Their January 16th Meeting

At their meeting Wednesday evening, the Sheldon Community Schools Board of Education received the initial contract proposal for next school year from the Sheldon Education Association, the union representing Sheldon’s teachers.  The proposal calls for a 5.79% increase in salary and benefits over the current school year’s contract. The proposal, as submitted, would cost the District approximately $286,000 over the current year’s contract.

The Board heard a report on the January 9th meeting of the Sheldon School Safety Task Force.  High School Principal Matt Meendering told the Board that about 20 people attended the meeting, where they reviewed the District’s safety procedures.  He said the group recommended practice lock-downs in all three buildings, in conjunction with the Sheldon Police Department and Emergency Management Agency.  He said it was determined that in a scenario such as the one last month in Connecticut, the safest place for Sheldon Middle and High School students to be was locked down in the classrooms.  Meendering also told the Board that all the schools in the District, including St Patrick’s, Sheldon Christian and NCC have decided that in the event of an emergency that requires one of the schools to go on lock down, all others in town will follow suit.

In other action, the Board approved the purchase of two new school buses for the District.  The low bid for the buses, an 84 passenger model and a 28 passenger with wheelchair lift, was submitted by School Bus Sales, at a combined total cost of just over $78,000.

The Board also approved a pair of Open Enrollment Applications for two siblings who will be moving from the Sheldon District to the Sibley-Ocheyedan District due to a change in residence.

In other action, two District teachers submitted their resignations, effective June 30th of this year, and applied for the Licensed Employee Severance Benefit.  The two are High School Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach Claude Struve, who is retiring after 36 years with the Sheldon District, and Spanish Teacher and Spanish Club Advisor Julie Blythe, who will be retiring after 20 years of service.

The Board also set approved the School Calendar for the 2013/2014 school year.  The first day of school will be August 15, 2013, and the last scheduled day will be May 21, 2014, with Commencement scheduled for Sunday, May 25, 2014.

The Board set Monday, February 11th at 7:00 pm as the time for their regular February meeting.  Normally monthly meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month, but a scheduling conflict on that date in February caused the change of date and time.

The Sheldon School Board ended their meeting by adjourning into closed session for the purpose of planning strategy concerning the teacher’s contract for next school year.

NW Iowa Congressman Expresses Encouragement For Reducing Violence, But Disappointment About President’s Methods

Congressman Steve King OfficialWashington, DC — Our northwest Iowa Congressman, Steve King has sounded off in regard to President Obama and Vice President Biden’s presentation of their executive actions on gun control.

King says, QUOTE “If there are Constitutional steps that can be taken to avert future tragedies like Sandy Hook, Congress needs to consider them. Taking steps to prevent tragedies like the terrible events that occurred in Newtown is a noble cause,” said King. “This is the latest attempt by the President to legislate through emotion, but doing so does not lead to quality legislation.”

King went on to say, QUOTE, “Reducing violence across our nation is a worthy goal, but it is imperative that the Constitutional rights of our citizens are not forgotten in the process. The right of the people to defend themselves against tyranny is the reason for the Second Amendment. We cannot disarm all law abiding Americans in an attempt to preempt a deranged individual.”

The Barber Shop Celebrates Grand Opening With Ribbon Cutting

The Barber ShopSheldon, Iowa — A new Sheldon business celebrated their opening and were honored with a ribbon cutting on Monday. “The Barber Shop” is located in the former Eagles’ Club building on Fourth Avenue.

At the ribbon cutting, Sheldon Chamber and Development Director Mark Gaul spoke on behalf of the city.

Mark Kleinwolterink spoke on behalf of the Sheldon Chamber and Development.

KIWA’s own Tom Traughber spoke on behalf of the Sheldon Ambassadors and presented the owners with a plaque containing a portion of the ribbon from the ribbon cutting.

Owner Mark Wenck says they offer a number of services.

He says they’re running a special the rest of the week. They’ll have $10 haircuts to celebrate the grand opening and for kids 10 and under, it’s only $7. If you’d like to call “The Barber Shop”, their number is 324-9900. Plus they invite you to like their Facebook page at facebook.com/thebarbershopsheldon.

Sioux Center Promised Over A Quarter Of A Million Dollars For A Street In SE Sioux Center

DOTAmes, Iowa — Over a quarter of a million dollars will be made available from the Iowa Department of Transportation for a street in the southeast part of the city.

The Iowa Transportation Commission approved a Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) Local Development grant application submitted by Sioux Center. Up to $261,572 will be made available to assist in construction of an approximately 894-foot extension of St. Andrews Way and construction of approximately 156 feet of St. Andrews Circle located on the southeast side of town. This project is anticipated to be completed by October 2013.

This project is necessary to provide access to 10 lots totaling more than six acres for industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, and professional office purposes.

Funding for the grant comes from the city share of the RISE Fund.