Many Of Governor’s Education Reform Ideas Hit Snag In Legislature: Sheldon Rep. Chambers Weighs In

Democrats and Republicans in the legislature have shelved some key components of Governor Branstad’s education reform plan. For example, Representative Royd Chambers, a Republican from Sheldon, says legislators have questions about on-line, for-profit schools.

Two Iowa school districts would be allowed to continue their contracts for online for-profit schools, but the governor’s call to allow other districts to strike such deals has been put on hold. House Republicans have proposed a major delay in Branstad’s call to test third graders’ reading ability and have those who can’t read at grade level repeat third grade. Chambers says House Republicans propose having that go into effect in the fall of 2016 — when the kids who enter school this fall reach third grade.

Senate Democrats have rejected the idea of holding third graders back altogether. The governor also wanted to require that prospective teachers maintain at least a three-point grade average, but neither party has embrace that idea. Democrats want a study of the issue while Republicans propose exceptions to the grade-point requirement.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

Kingsley Teen Admits To Killing Brother

A young Kingsley teen has basically admitted that he shot his step-brother.

Fourteen-year-old William “Billy” Noll did the juvenile court equivalent of pleading guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter, according to court records.  As a result of the plea, prosecutors agreed to drop a charge of willful injury.

Noll is accused in the December 9th death of 17-year-old Kyle Badgerow who was shot in the chest in the rural Kingsley home where the step-brothers lived.

The juvenile court equivalent of a sentencing — called a “dispositional hearing” — was scheduled for 1 PM on March 16th.  One of several options will be chosen at that time.  They include foster care, residential treatment, or a state institution.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

Gun Permits On The Rise After Last Year’s New Law

Apparently there are more people carrying concealed weapons than is immediately apparent — and that number is going up. Or at least the number of people who QUALIFY to carry a concealed weapon is going up.

Records show that there’s been a big increase in handgun permits since the new “shall issue” law went into effect last year. Permits have been on a steady rise for the last number of years from around 23,000 in the late 1990’s to about 39,000 in 2010. Then last year, the number jumped to over 101,000.

Tom Traughber of Sheldon is a gun class instructor and he says he thinks the new law has a lot to do with it.
Traughber says before that, Iowa was a “may issue” state.

He says there are other reasons at work too.
On a related note, there will be a gun show on March 24th in Sheldon at the National Guard Armory. We’ll have more with Tom Traughber about the gun show, gun laws, preferred gun-carrying protocol, and gun safety on future newscasts here on KIWA.

By Scott Van Aartsen

News Director

Outbuilding On Farm Place Near Orange City Destroyed By Monday Fire

An outbuilding on a farm place a mile west of Orange City’s northwest corner was destroyed in fire on Monday afternoon.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 1:45 PM, they received the report of a fire in progress at 3576 440th Street.

The fire fully engulfed an outbuilding containing two grain wagons, tools, building materials and hay bales. It was considered a total loss.

The Orange City Fire Department, Orange City Ambulance, Alton Fire Department and Sioux Center Fire Department and Sioux County Sheriffs Office responded to the scene.

We’ll have more details from the Orange City Fire Chief when they become available.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

Call Law Enforcement If You See Dark Red Ford SUV With Hazard Flashers On

A man apparently stole a motorist’s debit card in a roadside robbery near Larchwood in the early morning hours Monday.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a robbery which occurred on county road A18 near Arthur Avenue, or five and a half miles west of the south side of Larchwood. It happened at about 1:25 AM. Read more

Sheldon Emergency Responders Called To Accident Near Calvary Baptist Church Saturday Morning

Sheldon emergency crews were called to the scene of an injury accident on Saturday morning (2/18).

The Sheldon Fire Company, Sheldon Rescue, Sheldon Community Ambulance Team, Sheldon Emergency Management and Sheldon Police responded to the call, shortly after 7:45 on Saturday morning. The accident happened at Ninth Avenue and Tenth Street, about five blocks east of the Prairie Queen Bakery, near Calvary Baptist Church.

Victims were transported to Sanford Sheldon by SCAT.

Crews were on-scene for a half hour.

We’ll have the full details from the Police Department when they become available.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director