Sheldon Native To Be Featured On Mayo Clinic Program On KIWA

A Sheldon native is being featured on a national medical program that is airing around the country.

“Medical Edge Weekend” is a program that airs weekly on KIWA and KIWA-FM on Sunday mornings, shortly after 7 AM. The program is a weekly one-hour radio program that talks about health and medical information on interesting topics from Mayo Clinic specialists.

This coming Sunday, January 15, the program will feature Mayo Clinic cardiologist, and Sheldon native, Dr. Michael Ackerman, talking about Long QT Syndrome. Long QT syndrome is a heart rhythm condition caused by abnormalities in your heart’s electrical system, says Dr. Ackerman.

The condition is called “Long QT Syndrome” because of the appearances of the electrocardiogram, on which the interval between the Q and the T waves is elongated. Dr. Ackerman’s work has been with the genetic causes of Long QT, and developing tests that help to diagnose the problem, which is diagnosed most frequently in children and young adults.

Again the program will air shortly after 7 AM this Sunday morning on KIWA.

Watch a YouTube video of Dr. Ackerman explaining one of the genetic tests for Long QT Syndrome below.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

The day after the program airs on KIWA, it will be posted here for you to hear.

Audit At CCE Schools Shows Displaced Funding

An audit has revealed a lot of displaced funding at Clay-Central/Everly Schools.

The displaced funds include over $41,000 in improper purchases on a credit card used by former Superintendent Monte Montgomery, plus $55,000 worth of unsupported purchases made with credit cards used by Montgomery and former business manager Donna Ott.

There were also over $153,000 in Medicaid reimbursements that were not applied for.

Charges are pending with the Clay County Attorney’s office.

A state financial audit is coming up as well.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

Sheldon School Board To Hear About Guided Studies Program

The Board Of Education of the Sheldon Community Schools will have a fairly routine agenda when they meet in their regular monthly session tonight (Wednesday).

In addition to the normal business, the Board will consider a pair of open enrollment applications, as well as the contract for a Special Education Transportation Aide, along with the review of some employee policies.

The Board will also witness a presentation from the Guided Studies Program. The program’s instructor will explain to the Board how the program operates, and students will share how the class had an impact on them during the first semester. The Guided Studies Program is designed to assist students and guide them in developing good study habits to be successful at the high school level.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 6:00 pm in the Sheldon High School Library.

By Tom Traughber
News Reporter

Legislature Pushes Through Tuition Money For Iowa National Guard Under Sheldon Rep’s Guidance

State lawmakers are fast-tracking extra money to cover tuition costs for Iowa National Guard soldiers who’ve been awarded college tuition assistance from the state. The Iowa Guard cut its “Education Assistance Program” grants by 13-hundred dollars for this spring semester. Representative Royd Chambers of Sheldon is a first sergeant in the Iowa Air Guard and he’s well aware of the problem.

Legislators are tentatively setting aside one-point-three million dollars to provide the full tuition grant. Senator Daryl Beall of Fort Dodge says this tuition assistance helps the Iowa Guard retain its soldiers at a higher rate than many other state units.

Beall is chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Chambers is the chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the Iowa House.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

Former Employee At A Sheldon Chiropractic Clinic Charged With Theft, Fraud

A former employee of a Sheldon Chiropractic clinic has been charged with felony fraud.

According to Special Agent Steve VanOtterloo of the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, 43-year-old Sue VanMaanen of Ashton was criminally charged as a result of an ongoing theft investigation by the Iowa DCI. The investigation revealed VanMaanen took possession of over $20,000 in illegitimate insurance payments while she was employed at Sheldon Family Chiropractic Clinic from 1996 to 2009. The criminal activity was limited to insurance policies owned by VanMaanen and/or David VanMaanen only. Owners of the clinic discovered the activity and reported it to authorities. The D.C.I. was assisted by the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office and Sheldon Police Department.

VanMaanen has been charged with Theft in the 1st Degree, a Class C Felony; Fraudulent Practice in the 1st Degree, also a Class C Felony; Tampering with Records (5 Counts), Aggravated Misdeanors; and Forgery (3 Counts), Aggravated Misdeanors.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director

Orange City Implement Dealer Hit By Theft, Fire

An Orange City implement dealer has been hit with a double whammy. Not only did someone steal toys from their shop, but a fire appears to have been set in the office as well.

According to a manager at Northwest Implement, someone stole toy tractors from the business, and then it appears that they set fire to a desk in the office area. The fire was basically contained to the desk, but there is heat, smoke and soot damage in the building.

The Orange City Police Department reports that entry was gained by breaking out an office window.

It doesn’t appear that anything else was stolen. The burglary happened sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

The state Fire Marshal’s Office and the Orange City Police are investigating.

If you have any information that might help the police solve this case, you are asked to call the Orange City Police at 712-707-4251.

By Scott Van Aartsen
News Director