Map Of Reported Recent Buffalo Sightings: Warning – Do Not Shoot

Sheldon, Iowa — Earlier this week, we told you about several buffalo that were loose and that you should be careful driving, so as not to hit one.

The owner of the buffalo has asked us to announce that you should still be aware while driving because there are a few buffalo still out roaming around.

The buffalo escaped from Frick and Joe Buffalo Ranch, at 4982 200th Street, near Ashton. They report that the herd consisted of 225 animals to begin with. About two-thirds of them were out. Some of them they were able to corral right away. Seventy to eighty animals escaped and were roaming northwest Iowa.

Of those, about 30 were taken back alive, and about 55 had to be shot and will be butchered.

The last buffalo were last seen in four different locations.

  • South of Sibley on L40
  • East of Highway 60 on 210th Street
  • Near Melvin
  • Near 260th and L26

We talked to Steve Frick, one of the owners of the buffalo, and he asks motorists to be careful not to hit them, as they are very large animals. He also asks the public to please not shoot the buffalo. He says he’s had a report that somewhere near Sanborn, a citizen shot one or more buffalo. He says first of all, if the owners don’t give their permission, it is illegal. Secondly, they would much prefer to get them back to the ranch alive.

Frick says they’re working on an agreement to sell the meat for a donation. He says they’re going to butcher a few and see if they’re fit for butchering into cuts, or if they will need to be made into ground buffalo.

If you’re interested in some buffalo meat — which is usually described as similar to beef, but leaner — Frick says you can contact the Frick and Joe Buffalo Ranch.

He also says he wants to thank people for all their help in rounding up the buffalo all over northwest Iowa.

If you see any buffalo roaming the area, Frick says you can call the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office at 712-754-2556, or you can call him or his partner directly on their cell phones. Frick’s number is 712-348-0415, and partner Joe De Boom’s number is 712-461-1211.

Also, if you have damage to your property caused by buffalo, you can call Sibley Insurance at 712-754-3650, and talk to Dawn.

Map Key:

  • red pushpin: location of buffalo sighting
  • purple pushpin: location of Frick and Joe Buffalo Ranch
  • green pushpin: location of report of citizens shooting buffalo (please don’t)

View Buffalo On the Loose in a larger map

Teachers Honored For Service, Purchases Approved, Contracts Signed At School Board Meeting

Sheldon, Iowa — Two of the four teachers retiring from the Sheldon Community School District were recognized at the School Board’s regular monthly meeting Wednesday evening. Pam Thornton and Carol McDowell were on hand and were recognized and thanked for their service to the students of the Sheldon District. The other two retiring teachers, Laurie Pruiksma and Susan Zehnder were unable to attend, and will be honored at next month’s meeting.

In other news, the Board approved the purchase of new textbooks for next school year for East Elementary, at a cost of $61,989.15. They also approved an upgrade of the District’s two-way radio system. Superintendent Robin Spears told the Board that the Federal Communications Commission have changed the requirements for radio equipment, necessitating the upgrade. The Board voted to approve the $11,531 upgrade.

The Board also approved an upgrade to the Middle School Synergystics Lab. Superintendent Spears told the Board that he is in the process of soliciting potential donations from local businesses to help offset the $119,820 cost of updating the lab.

The Board entered into an agreement with Cannon Moss Brygger & Associates for preliminary architectural services in preparing a plan for the East Elementary School addition, and reviewed a 28E Agreement between the District and the City of Sheldon for development and operation of the baseball/softball field and recreation project that has been in the works for the past 18 months. Superintendent Spears told the Board that there is still some fine-tuning that needs to be done to that agreement before it is returned to the Board for approval.

We’ll have more news from Wednesday’s Sheldon School Board Meeting on future newscasts.

Sheldon Council Votes To Purchase Property Near Fieldcrest For Residential Lots

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council worked their way through a series of important topics at their Wednesday meeting. One of the decisions came after a closed session to purchase property. The City plans to purchase between six and seven acres of land on the East and North sides of the Fieldcrest Assisted Living Center for fifty thousand dollars. When developed this will provide about seventeen new residential lots. Preliminary estimates put the cost of developing the area at about $425,000. This will include paving, storm sewer, water mains, sanitary sewer and earthwork.

In other business, the Council approved a proposal by Farmers Market to install sidewalks on all properties where the owners have not complied with the requirements of the city ordinance. The cost of the sidewalk work as well as the engineering costs will be assessed to the owners through property taxes. City manager Scott Wynja told the council that Farmers Market was the only contractor interested in the project and that the cost of their work was below the engineers estimate.

The meeting agenda called for setting the date and time for a public hearing on the authorization of two capital loan notes. One of those would be for $500,000, which would cover several upcoming projects. The other would be for $855,000 to finance the downtown infrastructure work to be done as part of the streetscape project. However, Wynja told the council that the city needed more specific information on the downtown work, before they could come up with a more accurate cost estimate. Since they planned to bundle the two loan notes together to save administrative costs, the council took no action at this time.

The council also heard the first reading of a new water and sewer ordinance, discussed the highway 18 project, took an initial look at the proposed agreement between the city and school district concerning the new sports complex, and on a four to one vote, approved a contract with McClure Engineering for the Street Scape Project. We’ll have more details on these topics on later newscasts on KIWA.

Tulip Festival 2012 Getting Underway In Orange City

Orange City, Iowa — It’s time for tulips in Orange City! But with the strange weather we’ve been having, the humorous tongue-in-cheek name that some curmudgeons give the festival is actually coming true. It will be hard to find blooming tulips this year — it will genuinely be a “Stem Fest”.

But Ashley Saras with the Tulip Festival Steering Committee says it’s about much more than tulips. She tells us that the way things work for Tulip Festival is that the events that are the most popular happen every day, Thursday through Saturday.


The events continue into the evening too, says Saras.


The Tulip Festival Night Show this year is My Fair Lady.


Saras also highlights some events, shows, and attractions for us.


A new brochure is also available for those who want more information about the Dutch Costumes.


You can find more information, including the full schedule at

Alleged Illegal Alien Living In Boyden Allegedly Used Another’s Identity To Work In Hospers

Hospers, Iowa — An alleged illegal alien living in Boyden is in danger of being deported.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that they arrested 25-year-old Alma Amador of Boyden on Tuesday for identity theft, a class D Felony.

The arrest stems from a complaint received by the Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, May 1.

During the investigation, deputies found that Amador was allegedly using another person’s identity to gain employment at Premium Iowa Pork in Hospers.

Buffalo Damage? Call This Number

Sheldon, Iowa — Earlier this week, we told you about several buffalo that were loose and that you should be careful driving, so as not to hit one.

The owner of the buffalo has asked us to announce that if anyone has any damage caused by the buffalo, they are to call Sibley Insurance at 712-754-3650, and talk to Dawn.

The owners also want us to let you know that you should still be aware while driving because there are a few buffalo still out roaming around.