Flags To Fly At Half-Staff To Honor Fallen Dallas Police Officers

half staff NCCDes Moines, Iowa — Flags in Iowa will be flown at half-staff beginning Friday afternoon and continuing until sunset Tuesday, July 12th, to honor the police officers killed in the line of duty in Dallas, Texas, Thursday night.

Governor Terry Branstad issued the half-staff order about 3:00 pm Friday, following a presidential proclamation that was released earlier in the day.

The governor’s directive applies to all U.S. and state flags under the control of the state.  Flags will be at half-staff on the state Capitol building and on flag displays in the Capitol complex, and upon all public buildings, grounds, and facilities throughout the state.  Individuals, businesses, schools, municipalities, counties and other government subdivisions are encouraged to fly the flag at half-staff for the same length of time as a sign of respect.

Weather Service: Tornadic-Type Rotation Was “Atypical”

Northwest Iowa — An unusual storm hit northwest Iowa on Thursday afternoon. The National Weather Service issued a short-lived tornadoThunderbolt 1003_SVA warning for Sioux County at 3:25 PM.

We talked with National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Chapman who tells us what happened.

Chapman gives us an idea of where the rotation was.

The tornado warning was canceled at 3:41 PM. Chapman tells us what made the rotation unusual.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center did issue a severe thunderstorm watch at 3:55 PM, but that was also canceled for our area, while the threat continued further east.

In Sheldon, at 2:35 PM, the temperature was 81 degrees. But by 3:55, after the storm passed through, it was 66 degrees — a difference of 15 degrees in an hour and twenty minutes. Some hail was also reported in the area, but no other warnings were issued.

Sheldon Man Faces Burglary Charge In Cherokee County

Cherokee, Iowa — A Sheldon man has been arrested on charges stemming from an alleged burglary in January.
The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office reports that they have arrested 24-year-old Alex Watterson of Sheldon on a charge of Third Degree Burglary.

They report that their deputies were dispatched to the Marcus News newspaper office for the report of a burglary that had allegedly taken place.

According to court records, on January 17th, 2016, they were alerted to an a open door to the building. Deputies believe that the building had been burglarized. After their investigation, deputies believe access to the building was gained by breaking a window out of a basement door. They say they believe Watterson cut himself on the glass from the window. Court records indicate investigators found a spot of blood on the ground by the door, as well as a rock and glass with blood on them.

They also indicate that deputies believe that Watterson opened drawers to desks and took some money from a drawer.

Records say evidence was collected at the scene and was sent to the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation laboratory for testing. After Watterson came back as a possible match, court records indicate a known DNA sample from Watterson was sent to the lab. The DCI lab recently completed a report that indicated that the DNA that was collected from the scene was a match to the Watterson sample, according to court records.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that the evidence led to an arrest warrant being issued for Watterson, who was later arrested without incident.

Third Degree Burglary is a Class D Felony. If convicted, Watterson could face five years in prison and a fine of up to $7500.

Sheldon HS Summer Theatre Shakes Up Schedule This Weekend

comedy tragedy masks theater theatreSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon High School Summer Theatre season is in full swing, with this weekends performances of the musical, “Catch Me If You Can”.

One of the Directors for this show, Lissa Lane-Johnson, talks a little bit about this week’s production.

Sheldon High School Summer Theatre normally has performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week, but Lane-Johnson says that, after Thursday and Friday night performances, the schedule varies from normal this week .

She tells us about admission prices for this weekend’s performances.

Sheldon High School Summer Theatre does a different play each weekend, with all shows being performed in the Sheldon High School Auditorium.

Sheldon Man Headed To Prison

Foster Booking PhotoOrange City, Iowa — A Sheldon man was sentenced to prison Thursday in Sioux County District Associate Court for Assault With Intent To Commit Sexual Abuse.

Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle says the case arose in May, 2014, when authorities investigated 34-year old Cody Christian Foster of Sheldon,  for inappropriately touching a sixteen year old boy in Sioux County.  Kunstle says Foster was arrested for assaulting the 16-year old with the intent to commit a sex act against the boy.

On Thursday (July 7th), a Sioux County Judge sentenced Foster to two years in prison.  According to Kunstle, pursuant to the Iowa Code, Foster also received a special sentence that, after being released from prison, commits him to the custody of the Director of the Iowa Department of Corrections for a period of 10 years, as though he were on parole.  Foster will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Additionally, Foster is required to complete a substance abuse evaluation and follow the treatment recommendations, and was ordered to pay court fines, fees, attorney fees, and any other prosecution costs associated with the case.

Hearing Scheduled, Motions Filed In Wind Turbine Case

Sibley, Iowa — Another hearing date has been set in the case of a group of Osceola County taxpayers versus Osceola County and the City of Harris. But it remains to be seen if it will happen as scheduled.
Osceola County Courthouse Closeup_SVA
The group of taxpayers allege that — an agreement to use Tax Increment Financing from a group of wind turbines in Osceola County for a waste water project and lagoon in Harris and for improvements to White Avenue — was illegal.

A hearing on the case has been scheduled for Friday, July 22nd. But the taxpayers have asked for additional time to resist the County and City’s motion for summary judgement. Meanwhile, the County and City are asking to postpone a telephonic hearing that according to court records was to have happened on Friday, July 15th.

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