King Defends Trump’s “Scrapiness”

Washington, DC — Iowa Congressman Steve King has come under fire for making controversial comments about immigrants and King now is coming to the defense of G-O-P candidate Donald Trump. In mid-June when Trump formally entered the presidential race, Trump said some of the people coming into this country from Mexico are “people with problems” like drug runners and rapists. Congressman King says he appreciates Donald Trump’s “scrappiness.”
steve king forster center

(as said) “Donald Trump is one of the few individuals that will speak boldly about what he believes in and he’ll be challenged by the P.C. Police, the Politically Correct Police, and instead of backing up and curling up, he just goes forward.”

King says there is truth behind Trump’s comments.

(as said) “In this country, if you speak the truth — if it is the demonstrable, objective truth — that should always be a defense for uttering a statement,” King said. “And instead, you know I catch some of that criticism…Eventually, if you can corner them, they’ll say, ‘Well, O.K., I’ll have to concede what you said is true, but you should have found a different way of saying it.’ And my answer to that is: ‘I said it the real gentle way for a long time and you weren’t listening, so I had to tell you in a way that you actually got it.’ That’s what Donald Trump does.”

On Wednesday, Macy’s Department Stores announced it would no longer sell Trump merchandise. Trump has been featured in the company’s commercials in the past. Trump is suing Univision after the network announced it would not air the Miss U-S-A beauty pageant Trump owns. N-B-C Universal also ended its business relationship with Trump, who had been the star of the network’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality T-V show. Trump has called the network “weak and foolish” and is threatening to sue N-B-C, too.

Story from Radio Iowa

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Candidate Rand Paul In Northwest Iowa Today

Sioux Center — Another 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate is in northwest Iowa today (Wednesday, July 1, 2015).
Rand Paul
Senator Rand Paul is doing two stops in our area. They are being called “Stand with Rand Meet and Greet” events.

The first one is at 2:30 this afternoon. Senator Paul will be at the Sioux Center Public Library at 102 South Main Avenue — that’s Highway 75 — in Sioux Center.

Later this afternoon, Paul will be in Okoboji. At 5:30 PM, he’ll make a campaign stop at the Barefoot Bar. That’s at 24457 178th St in Okoboji. That’s about a mile and a quarter east of Brooks Golf Club, along the west shore of East Lake Okoboji.

Sheldon All-School Reunion This Weekend

Sheldon, Iowa — Every five years — on the years ending in zero or five — Sheldon High School has an all-school reunion.
high school reunion
This being 2015, Lynn Rolfsmeier — who’s one of the committee members — tells us, it’s time for Sheldon High alumni to get together. She says the format of the festivities will be familiar to you if you’ve been to the reunions in past years.

She says festivities resume on Saturday, the Fourth of July.

She says there’s something special this year.

She also wants to give some thank-yous.

Rolfsmeier says they’d prefer to have you pre-register, but if you can’t manage that they’d still love to see you.

Click here for the full schedule and further details.

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Young Northwest Iowa Country Star To Perform

Sheldon, Iowa — Up-and-coming country star Kelsey K is coming to Sheldon for Village Northwest Unlimited’s Independence celebration on Friday. She’s a native of the Sioux City area, and is only 16 years old..
Kelsey K
Kelsey was on the KIWA morning show on Tuesday, and she says that she got her start in show business on the Bill Riley Talent Show stage.

Kelsey says she started her recording career at a young age.

She tells us about her albums.

She says you can hear that new single on Friday night, plus she’ll sing some more new original tunes and she’ll do some covers that you can sing along with.

Kelsey K will actually do two sets on Friday night, with a meet and greet time between them. The sets will start 7 and 8:45 PM.

She’ll also be singing the national anthem before the huge fireworks display at dusk.

Village Northwest says they’ll have many other activities as well, including lots for the kids to do.

Click here for the full schedule.

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Sheldon Council To Meet Wednesday

Council ChambersSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council will hold their regular meeting this Wednesday July 1st at noon. They will consider a one year audit extension with Winther, Stave & Company, consider an FAA flight inspection agreement, talk about the O’Brien County Secondary Road Policy, and hold a discussion with regard to lots in the Sunshine Addition.

The Council will also consider a change in the date and time for their next regular meeting.

This Wednesday’s noon meeting will be held in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.

Candidate Jindal Coming To Our Area

Sheldon, Iowa — Louisiana Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal is coming to Sheldon.
Bobby Jindal
We’re being told he’ll be here on Friday, July 3rd at 3 PM at Jard, Inc. Jard is a gun manufacturer about a half mile north of Highway 18 and Country Club Road. That’s just north of the Risefest grounds. His visit is open to the public.

Again Louisiana Governor and 2016 Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal will be at Jard, Inc. on Friday at 3 PM. The Jard event will include a meet and greet that will be open to the public.

Jindal will start off the day at the Sioux Center Livestock Company Restaurant on South Highway 75 in Sioux Center. Governor Jindal will come by table-to-table to introduce himself and answer questions. That will run from 8 until 9:30 AM. At 11:30 AM, Jindal will have a lunchtime retail Event at Pizza Ranch in Rock Rapids on South Highway 75.
At 2, it’s on to Sibley for a Business tour of ammunition and firearms manufacturer Capital Armament Company at 1201 11th Avenue. Then at 3, it’s time for the Sheldon stop. He’ll wrap up the day with a dinner retail event at 5:30 at Gary’s on the River in Spencer.