Council To Meet Wednesday

Council ChambersSheldon, Iowa — At the last Sheldon City Council meeting, Councilman Brad Hindt voiced concerns he had heard about the problem school children are having crossing Washington Avenue at the 6th Street intersection.  Public Works Director Todd Uhl said the placement of signage at that location would have to be approved by the Council.  That is one of the agenda items for their meeting this Wednesday February 3rd.  Other agenda items include the acceptance of the 2015 Runger Street Improvements Project, approval of the wage for a new police officer and consideration of the Mid-American Energy Utility contract in the Sunshine Addition.

They will also set the date and time for a Public Hearing on the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 budget. In addition, the Council will be asked to approve the Mayor’s appointment of council members to represent the Council on the various city boards and commissions.

Wednesday’s meeting will begin at 4:30 in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.

It’s February. Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions?

exerciseNorthwest Iowa — Did you make New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?  Many northwest Iowans did, but most of us find it hard to keep them.

One of the most common resolutions is to get fit and lose weight, and an Iowa State University study is looking at ways to help you stick to the weight loss plan. I-S-U psychology professor Alison Phillips says having what she calls an “instigation cue” can light the spark that prompts you to succeed at developing good exercise habits.

The I-S-U study, published in the journal Health Psychology, finds that these cues can push you to get moving and may help to increase frequency, more so than the type of activity. She’s still researching the best way for anyone to create an effective cue for themselves.

If you have a schedule that changes from day to day, it’s important to pick a cue that’ll work for your lifestyle.

If you pick a type of exercise you enjoy, whether it’s swimming, walking outside or playing racquetball, if you find something you like, you’ll be more likely to latch on to it for the long haul.

Phillip says if you’re exercising for long-term health benefits, exercise must be a life-long behavior, as it’s not a temporary fix.

January Fairly Average Weather Month

below zero cold thermometer_sxcSheldon, Iowa — January, 2016 was a fairly average month, weather-wise.  In Sheldon, the average high temperature for the month was 24 degrees, just one degree below the average normal high temp of 25.

Our average low temperature for the month of January was 7 degrees, 3 degrees warmer than our normal average low of 4 degrees.  During the month of January our total precipitation was on .75 inches, which is 1/10th of an inch higher than the normal precipitation level of .65 inches.  In the snowfall category, January’s 6-inches, is slightly below the normal total of 6.40 inches.

Looking at January’s numbers in comparison to January, 2015, we find that this January was slightly cooler, with last year’s average high being 28 degrees, compared to 24 this year, and the average January, 2015 low being 10 degrees, compared to 7 above this January.

The warmest high temperature for January was 39 degrees, which we reached on January 15th.  We had eight days in January when the high got above freezing.  The coldest low for the month of -17 degrees was recorded on three dates, January 10th, 17th, and 18th.

County-By-County Caucus Results

Northwest Iowa — The Iowa Precinct Caucuses were Tuesday night across the state. Statewide the winner on the Republican side appeared to be Ted Cruz with nearly 28 percent. Donald Trump had 24.3 percent and not too far away was Marco Rubio with 23 percent. The other Republican candidates received less than ten percent statewide. On the Democratic side, it was pretty much too close to call with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both receiving nearly fifty percent. Martin O’Malley came in a distant third with less than one percent.

Democratic Results

(all precincts reporting)

56.7% Sanders
40.0% Clinton
3.3% O’Malley

56.7% Clinton
38.3% Sanders
5.0% O’Malley

50.9% Clinton
47.3% Sanders
1.8% O’Malley

50.7% Sanders
48.0% Clinton
1.3% Uncommitted

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Republican Results:

(all precincts reporting)

39.0% Cruz
20.7% Rubio
18.6% Carson
15.6% Trump
1.8% Santorum

34.6% Cruz
23.9% Trump
17.1% Rubio
12.8% Carson
4.0% Bush

28.5% Cruz
23.1% Rubio
21.0% Trump
18.0% Carson
3.7% Huckabee

33.2% Cruz
32.0% Rubio
14.9% Carson
10.9% Trump
2.5% Paul

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Drivers Beware Of Blizzard Conditions

Kurtz, Vincent 495 Clarinda, IANorthwest Iowa — With the blizzard conditions that are forecast for our area tomorrow, the Iowa State Patrol has some safety tips for you.

Trooper Vince Kurtz says driving in a blizzard is completely different than trying to drive in a normal winter snow.

In short, Kurtz says, if your trip isn’t absolutely necessary, don’t go.

He says if travel is absolutely an emergency, be sure and pack a Winter Survival Kit.

Trooper Kurtz stressed, however, that unless it’s an absolute emergency, you should avoid travelling during a blizzard.

TWO New Clinics Planned In Rock Rapids

Rock Rapids, Iowa — A few days ago we told you that at the end of Sanford Health’s lease of the Rock Rapids hospital and clinics in 2019, that Avera Health will take over. We also told you that the hospital board and Avera are planning a new hospital and clinic in Rock Rapids.
sanford rock rapids sign
Now Sanford Health, who has run the Rock Rapids operations for the last 25 years, has released information saying that they too will be building in Rock Rapids. Jesse Tischer, president of Sanford Health Network tells us more.

He says Sanford is in the preliminary stages and is not yet sure where the proposed new clinic will be built, but it will be a “technically advanced facility.” He says although Rock Rapids is a small community and the other new facility to be run by Avera will also have a clinic, he is not concerned about staffing issues.

Tischer says some of the differences between the Rock Rapids hospital board and Sanford had to do with how the field of rural health care is changing.

Sanford does have nearby hospitals in Luverne, Minnesota; and in Sheldon; as well as the Sanford University Medical Center in Sioux Falls.

He says Sanford plans on offering the same high-quality care that patients at Rock Rapids have come to expect at the current facility through the end of their lease in 2019, and in the future in their planned new clinic.